C 1: V. Wholeness and Spirit, P 4

V. Wholeness and Spirit, P 4

4 Ultimately, every member of the family of God must return. The miracle calls him to return because it blesses and honors him, even though he may be absent in spirit. “God is not mocked” is not a warning but a reassurance. God would be mocked if any of His creations lacked holiness. The creation is whole, and the mark of wholeness is holiness. Miracles are affirmations of Sonship, which is a state of completion and abundance.



First, let me say what a delight it was to read that, “God is not mocked” is not a warning but a reassurance. It makes me laugh when I read that. I used to think of it as a warning and it was one of those phrases from the Bible that encouraged my fear of God. I mean, what was I supposed to do with that? How was I mocking Him and how was I to stop? What would He do to me if I accidentally mocked Him? Life used to be a lot scarier before I found the Course.

It also helped me to understand that my perception determines how I understand things. “God is not mocked” goes from being a warning to being a reassurance without any change to the words. The Holy Spirit helped me to see that I am not yet completely free of fear when I think of God, but I am moving in that direction. I am much closer to knowing that He is Love and nothing else than I used to be. I have touched that love, just a gentle brush with reality, but it made a difference.

“Thank You, God, that You are not mocked.” There is nothing I can do to change the nature of God, or of His creation. I am holy because God created me like Himself. I will never be anything but holy and so, ultimately, I will return to Him. I will acknowledge my holiness and laugh at the absurdity that I could have been a body in a world of separation, that I could have suffered and died.

I was watching a clip by Jan Frazier this morning. She said a couple of things that were helpful to me. First, she reminded me that there is only now. I hear this from other people too, and I think I have failed to see just how important that is. Just this moment, this is all there is. In each moment I can say the same thing. I am just beginning to understand that eternity is in this moment. She said: All that’s real is here right now.

The other thing that was helpful: No thought can cause you pain unless you’re having it right now. I had to laugh when I read that. It is so true and so obvious and yet, I never really noticed it before. Right now is the only thing that is here and if I am experiencing pain it is because of a thought I am having right now. What if I were wrong about that thought? What if it were only a matter of perception?

And if that thought is causing me pain then I must be mistaken in my perception, because God did not create pain and God will not be mocked. Do you see where this is leading me? In the moment when I acknowledge my error and truly accept that pain is not real, in that moment I am resting in the Heart of God, perfectly safe and at peace. That moment is all there is until I have a thought that is not in accord with Truth, and then I imagine myself outside God. That can’t happen, but I can think it happened, and it becomes my experience.

My heart is racing as I think of this. Will I ever awaken, I sometimes wonder. I have often awakened. I have had moments, some of them strung together to make it seem like a longer time when I have been awakened. I knew the truth in that moment and that moment was all there was until I made another choice, but for that moment I proved that I can be in God, and am in God.

What a strange game I play as I peek into Heaven and then return to separation. Or maybe I peek from Heaven and into separation? It only seems that I live in separation because I seem to stay in that state for such a longer time, but then, time is an illusion, too. What if I already am a fully awakened and infinite being, playing at being human from time to time, and ultimately I will return my full attention to Love?

I have played at being simply human and played at separation. Now I play at miracles. The difference is that the former takes me more deeply into the illusion, while miracles remind me of my Reality and call to me to return to Wholeness. What miracles would you have me perform today, Spirit?

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