C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 40

I. Principles of Miracles, P 40

40 The miracle acknowledges everyone as your brother and mine. It is a way of perceiving the universal mark of God.


Ultimately, when the truth is accepted as true by everyone and there is no need for miracles, we will know ourselves as One with God. For now, while most of us are still confused about our identity, we need help. The miracle, by its nature, acknowledges our connection to each other and to God. The miracle calls for the joining of minds.

A few years ago, I performed the wedding ceremony for my daughter, Sheryl, and her fiancé Barry. It took place at my home and for hours things were pretty hectic. The entire wedding had one week’s planning, but in spite of the short time involved, came together very well. However, there were moments that could have been very upsetting, but were accepted with fair ease and much grace.

Sheryl wasn’t the first nervous bride and I could have easily been drawn into that energy. Certainly in the past I would have. She forgot to buy hose and someone needed to do that. The cake didn’t come out as ordered and she thought that the perfect cake was very important. She felt like she had suddenly, overnight, become too fat for the dress that was a perfect fit just a couple of days before. She decided to iron her son’s shirt and smashed her finger opening the ironing board.

I watched myself deal with each emergency with calm. Wow! Even a year before I would have been in the “let mom fix this” mode and would have been so overwhelmed and nervous myself, that I would have made things worse. I would have escalated the tension in the house if I had done that. I am so grateful for the miracle of a healed mind. I gave my mind to the Holy Spirit and the miracle of peace was His gift.

If the ego had been in charge, Sheryl and I would have fed the tension and anxiety. With Holy Spirit in charge, we joined in one purpose, the extension of love during this special occasion. I doubt my daughter had any idea of the miracle that was occurring, or would even believe in the miracle, but that didn’t matter. I was in love with her, with Barry, with the little girls running around underfoot getting into everything, with the dozens of folks doing their part to bring this off for Sheryl, to make this day as lovely for her as possible.

Love was the purpose, and this was the point of joining for Sheryl and me. This was our shared purpose even if she didn’t realize her part. This was where we met, Jesus, Sheryl and me. In this joining the miracle took place. When the wedding was over, Sheryl said it had been perfect. All the worry and stress she had felt before was forgotten, along with the injured finger, the unruly kids, the concern about how she looked, the cake that didn’t meet her expectations.

What was left was an overwhelming sense of love. She was basking in it, receiving and giving in equal measure. This is the memory she will take with her from her wedding day. Love is the purpose; it is always the purpose no matter what seems to be happening. In joining in that common purpose we experience the miracle and we see on each other the mark of God.

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