C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 30

I. Principles of Miracles, P 30

30 By recognizing spirit, miracles adjust the levels of perception and show them in proper alignment. This places spirit at the center, where it can communicate directly.


As I realized that I am spirit I began to hear the Voice for God. The more I have listened to that Voice the stronger it has become. This is spirit at the center.

Holy Spirit, what would you have me know about this?

Holy Spirit: You do not need to know how this works, and it would not be possible to completely explain this in words. Your desire and acceptance are what is needed to allow this to happen. From desire it flows naturally and will flow until impeded by non-acceptance.

Me: Is this like when I desired to know who I was, but could not believe I was ready?

Holy Spirit: Yes. Your doubt was the block that kept the process stalled. In a holy instant, born of desire and faith, you joined with your sister in purpose and what you call a “shift” occurred. Do you recall doing anything to make this happen?

Me: No. I simply said, “Yes.” Everything else just happened. After that there was still doubt in my mind, but it was like a shadow, there but not there. I felt like waiting to see what would happen, knowing that what would happen would be perfect and the timing would be perfect. It was joyful.

Holy Spirit: You must protect your decision by making it again daily. You will find this effortless and just as joyful if you dedicate a few moments of time each morning and each evening for this purpose. Do not feel the pressure to do something in those moments. Your desire to give that time is all that is needed. The rest will be done for you.

Me: Here is how it feels. I learned that when I didn’t know what to do to be happy I could ask You and You would guide me to the right action, or all that was causing my distress would just dissolve away. These were miraculous moments. I began to do this more and more until there were fewer instances of stubbornness, where I thought I didn’t need help.

Then it seemed that I was doing this almost without any gaps at all, but I couldn’t figure out what to do next. I knew that I could step aside completely but I didn’t know how. I just kept asking You to help me. That is when my sister stepped forward to offer me her hand. Through her You told me that I could just be where I longed to be.

If I were to describe it I would say that instead of continually stepping aside and allowing You to lead when I was in trouble, I simply stepped aside. Now You are at the helm. You are the unwavering Presence in my mind. Even when I have moments of confusion, I am never confused about that. I know that the only thing that happens when I feel confused is that I am looking out at the world through the ego’s eyes. It means nothing and I stop. I laugh when I think how hard I made this seem in the past.

I will protect my certainty as You suggested. I want You at the center. I want You to speak through me, to be my eyes and ears. I want only Your perception. Why would I want anything else, now that I have had it? With You at the center it feels like “I” am not really standing aside, but that “I” have dissolved away along with the unhappiness.

I used to be afraid that this would happen, afraid of the thought that “I” would disappear into You. Now I long for that process to be complete. What a delight to discover that it isn’t scary at all and that I have lost nothing.

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