C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 29

I. Principles of Miracles, P 29

29 Miracles praise God through you. They praise Him by honoring His creations, affirming their perfection. They heal because they deny body-identification and affirm spirit-identification.


First let me look at the opposite of the miracle. I see my son hurt his back and so he must find some treatment that will correct the damage done. I pray that he will find the right doctor. I pray that he will have no more pain. In my more enlightened moment I pray he will accept a miracle. But all thoughts are prayer and so because I believe in the body so strongly, I also pray that he cannot be healed without the right treatment and I pray that treatment is not available to him and so he will suffer all his life. And even if he receives a miracle, I know he doesn’t believe in them and so I pray he can’t accept it. Yikes!

However, since I study and practice the Course which tells me that I am not a body and that I am under no laws but God’s, I begin the process of emptying my mind of the false beliefs that were the source of my fearful prayers, my prayers to the idol that I had allowed to take the place of my Creator. As I make room for the truth it rises in my mind and the Power that is God is manifested through me as a miracle. I am told that a healed mind is no small thing, and my experience is convincing.

My belief in ego manifests the fear and body-identification that was the source of those crazy prayers for pain and suffering. While thinking with the ego mind I was worshipping an idol. As I allowed my mind to be healed, I denied the body-identification, and began to know myself as spirit. While identified with body I can only hope for relief; identified with spirit I expect miracles. In the first my praise was directed toward the ego as the maker of the body, but in the miracle I praise God as I honor His creation of me as spirit.

Every time I experience pain in my neck or believe in my son’s back injury, but then turn my face from those illusions to the truth that I am as I was created and so is my son, I praise God. I praise Him through my certainty that His creation cannot be undone. If I see any part of His creation as sick and broken, I must be mistaken. I must be dreaming. This cannot be.

There cannot be pain, suffering or death because there is God and only God. When my mind wanders to the scary stuff of ego thoughts of separation, I shake myself awake and remember I am spirit, I am the perfect creation of a perfect God and nothing else can be true. I praise God as I allow the truth to fill my mind and the miracle to manifest in my life.


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