C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 27

I. Principles of Miracles, P 27

27 A miracle is a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers. It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive.



A miracle is a universal blessing

This means that the blessing is comprehensive, all-inclusive, far reaching. It is exactly equal to each person who receives it, and all persons are capable of receiving it. No one is left out. No one is special. The blessing is for all in all cases.

from God through me to all my brothers.

A miracle is a universal blessing from God through Jesus. Because it is universal I can ask for the blessing and receive it. I don’t have to become something I am not, more worthy or special in some way. I am already everything I need to be to receive this blessing. I ask Jesus for the blessing and I receive it. Why is this so? Why does it come through Jesus?

It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive.

Jesus did his part. He accepted forgiveness and so now it is his privilege to forgive. So that is the why of it. That is the reason he can perform miracles. It is also the reason we can do so as well. As our mind is  purified, that is, forgiven, we will be privileged to forgive and to grant universal blessings.

We are meant for this. In Chapter 10 Jesus tells us this.

2 What Comforter can there be for the sick children of God except His power through you? Remember that it does not matter where in the Sonship He is accepted. He is always accepted for all, and when your mind receives Him the remembrance of Him awakens throughout the Sonship. Heal your brothers simply by accepting God for them. Your minds are not separate, and God has only one channel for healing because He has but one Son.

My son was telling me last night about his pain. It is severe and it is unrelenting. He becomes very discouraged. It used to break my heart when he expressed his depression like this. I used to be so afraid for him. But I began to wake up to something. In my grief I was reinforcing his belief in his pain. I was worshipping the god of pain and sickness. And I wasn’t helping any of us.

Something shifted in me, though. I began to see the world of pain and suffering for the farce it is. Sure, the body feels pain and it gets sick, but this is a false picture. Nothing real can be threatened. So I look at the false picture and I believe it more than I did before. Or I look at it and see it for what it is, and I believe it less than before.

If I choose to remember that the world I see is a mirage, I help the entire mind to awaken. All of us feel less oppressed by our confused state. And as my mind gets even more clarity, I will be able to accept God for him. Our minds are not separate.

To help me reach the level of certainty needed to be a clear and consistent channel for God’s healing love, I practice forgiving what I see, and forgiving myself for seeing it. I do this as I look at the world around me during the day and just remind myself that what I am seeing is not really there.  How extraordinary. There will come a day when I see what is really there, of that I am certain.

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