C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 26

I. Principles of Miracles, P 26

26 Miracles represent freedom from fear. “Atoning” means “undoing.” The undoing of fear is an essential part of the atonement value of miracles.


The world is a scary place. This is true even when it seems beautiful, peaceful or loving. Even when the world is briefly perfect in my experience, fear is never far away because change is never far away. I can be having a lovely day having fun with friends and family, and the ego mind will be busy in the background offering me fear.

The mind will relate this good experience to something in the past that was not so good. Or it will compare this loving moment with my child to one in which we had a disagreement. The ego will go into the past to find something to regret, or it will project into the future to find something to dread. Thus, peace is never complete and fear is only a thought away.

We did this. We made this illusory world as a way to experience separation. It is not real and it is not our home so there is a way to undo what we have done. There is a Guide to help us find the tools that have been placed within the illusion to help free our mind from the illusion, and our Guide will help us to use those tools. A Course in Miracles is such a tool, and through the study and practice of the Course, my Guide has directed me to many processes that have led to the miracles that represent freedom from fear.

One such process was from the book Inner Healing by Dan Joseph.

These three steps involve:

Acknowledging an inner block (any distressing thought or feeling)

Becoming willing to prayerfully release that block

Opening to an inner experience of divine comfort and peace.

I worked with this process, literally, for years. At first it was hard work and often discouraging because I did not fully desire the change. There were distressing thoughts and feelings that I wanted to keep. Eventually, as my willingness grew stronger I accepted the changes and I began to experience the miracle of freedom from fear. The process has evolved over time, though the elements of the process have not.

At one time I used a process I learned from the book, Busting Loose From the Money Game. This process involves recognizing that I am responsible for what is happening. I created this and it is not real. It is completely made up. I recognize that it is a creation of my consciousness and I reclaim my power from this creation. I appreciate the power that not only made something unreal seem to happen but also convinced myself it was real. This book uses different language than the Course, but the ideas are the same.

My most recent and most effective so far comes from Chapter 30, and is the rules for decision. I recognize that I make decisions continuously and that I make them either with ego or Holy Spirit. I can change my mind about my partner in this process at any time and this section gives me simple steps to do so. When I change from ego to Holy Spirit, I move from chaos to peace.

Whichever process I am guided to use, the goal is the same. I am learning that I have been identified with an illusory self and this is the source of all my fears. I let go of that identification and the memory of my true Self returns to me. In other words, I am allowing the illusion to be undone and the result is a miracle that brings me freedom from fear.

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