C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 48

I. Principles of Miracles, P 48

48 The miracle is the only device at your immediate disposal for controlling time. Only revelation transcends it, having nothing to do with time at all.



How does the miracle control time? The Course tells us that the script is written but it also tells us that we do have choice. Our choice is how we will see the script. We are told that the first split in the mind occurring after separation was consciousness, the receptive mechanism which receives messages from both Spirit and ego. When we receive a message from ego we can believe it or not believe it. We can also learn to recognize the messages that are from Spirit.

So let’s say that I hurt my neck and am having a lot of pain because of it. I did not bring this accident into manifestation through my ego thoughts which are not creative. This damaged neck is part of the script that comes from my Spirit. The script has me going through this problem and experiencing a number of consequences. Maybe I will lose my job because I had to take so much time off, and this leads to other consequences. This is fine. There are lots of lessons that can be learned in this script.

However, let’s say at about the same time as I hurt my neck I also had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the Course. I gained more understanding about the way these things occur and why. I became more willing to be receptive to the Holy Spirit and more willing to set aside my thoughts so that I could be more open to truth. Consciousness is not creative, but rather it is a perceiver and as such it can never have knowledge, but it can be trained to true perception, and that is what’s happening. I am learning to perceive more truly than before.

Perhaps it went something like this.

First: My neck hurts and I feel guilty because it must mean that I am doing something wrong. I am not being a good Course student.

Then: I can heal my neck if I figure out my error. I can learn the right words to say and remember to say them often.

Then: I can heal my neck if I ask for healing and really mean it.

Then: I can heal my neck if I change my thinking.

Then: I can heal my neck if I stay faithful to the belief I am not a body. I can do this by not going to the doctor or taking medicine because then that would mean I believe in the body. But my neck hurts. This is hard. And painful.

Then: I can heal my neck if I accept correction of my thoughts.

Then: I am angry, frustrated and scared, but still determined to gain the understanding I need.

Then: I stop resisting the pain in my neck.

I realize my Spirit gives me (a script) that is exactly all and only what I need to wake us up.

I trust my Spirit. (I trust the script.)

I ask Spirit what it is I am to learn from this, what I am to do, to understand, to know. I ask how it is I am to see this. I ask for the blessing.

Because I have become receptive to a more helpful way of experiencing this pain in the neck, I now have a truer perception of this situation. The result is that certain effects are no longer going to be experienced. Perhaps the neck will heal, or if it stays a bit longer I will not experience it in the same way. Maybe I will learn to breathe through the pain, maybe I will be guided to a doctor who will have a solution on the physical level.

Perhaps because of this kind of change I won’t miss as much work and so won’t lose my job. Because I am not making the pain worse through the stress caused by frustration and fear, I won’t be so hard to get along with and won’t damage a relationship. The more receptive I am to guidance, the faster I learn the lesson the pain came to bring me and the shorter the path to awakening. It becomes shorter because the script took a sharp turn and I avoided a lot of the effects that I would have had to experience if I had stayed with the ego thinking.

Think of the script not as a straight road, but as a road with many twists and turns and lots of ways to get to the same place. Some of those roads take you on the scenic route and are more time consuming. But if you listen closely to your Navigation System you can avoid them when you are tired of the scenery and just want to go Home.

This is how we lessen time through the miracle. The change in my thinking (the miracle) elevated my perception to something closer to truth. I no longer needed certain lessons. True perception helped me avoid certain ego pitfalls so I lost that time as well. thousands of years of suffering were saved.

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