C 1: III. Atonement and Miracles, P 3

III. Atonement and Miracles, P 3

3 The forgiven are the means of the Atonement. Being filled with spirit, they forgive in return. Those who are released must join in releasing their brothers, for this is the plan of the Atonement. Miracles are the way in which minds that serve the Holy Spirit unite with me for the salvation or release of all of God’s creations.


There are a number of ways to join Jesus in his plan of Atonement, but the first thing to do is to forgive, forgive myself and forgive all others and all circumstances. Though really, I think that I am always really simply forgiving, and the form doesn’t actually matter. For instance, I seem to be forgiving my co-worker for something she said, but I am forgiving the belief I could be attacked, that we could be separate from each other, that we could be separate from God. However I happen to see it at the time, forgiveness is my function. In forgiving, I am releasing fear and thus opening my heart to love. This state of love makes me miracle ready.

I don’t have to be through with forgiveness to be helpful to the Atonement. If this were true, then it would be slow going, indeed. Even if my mind is only momentarily clear, in that moment I can perform the miracle, and lift my brother up along with myself. An example would be something like this. I see someone’s post on Facebook and it is an angry rant. They are in pain. I feel an urge to do something.

At this moment I have a choice. I can listen to the ego voice and try to talk them out of their stance or give my opinion about the subject, or rant right back like that’s going to help. Even if I am using spiritual words, if I am motivated by the desire to be right, I am not helpful. I have done this and not only does it not help the other person but it doesn’t help me. I feel like I have just proven I am separate from the other person and that takes me deeper into the illusion.

My second choice is to ask Holy Spirit what to do to be helpful. I might be given something to say, but not necessarily so. Sometimes the urge to help is the Holy Spirit asking me to forgive. I can do this without saying a word or anyone even being aware that I am doing it. I can ask the Holy Spirit to heal within me that which caused this conflicted thinking in my friend.

When I see someone in pain of any kind I can remember that they are mistaken in their thinking. They have forgotten who they are if they think they can suffer. Even though they believe they are in pain, it can’t be real and is not their truth. In other words, I can remember the truth for them while they are temporarily unable to do so. These are ways I serve the Holy Spirit and in doing so I join with Jesus in releasing us all, and I did it without even opening my mouth.

Sometimes my guidance is to share what I am being given as I do with this writing, not because anyone needs a teacher other than their Inner Teacher, but because any of us can sometimes become so confused and conflicted that we are unable to hear our own teacher, and sometimes simply because words are inspiring regardless of where they come from. But whether I am writing or speaking, when I am allowing the Holy Spirit to use me, I am always the first student.

That’s the beauty of teaching. I am always teaching what I most need to learn. Or if I am joining in the Atonement by silently forgiving, just as I am always my first student when I teach, when I forgive I am always forgiving myself first. If I am in an attitude of being led, the Holy Spirit will use me and this allows my actions to be part of the Atonement.

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