C 6: II. The Alternative to Projection, P 6

II. The Alternative to Projection, P 6

6 How else can you find joy in a joyless place except by realizing that you are not there? You cannot be anywhere God did not put you, and God created you as part of Him. That is both where you are and what you are. It is completely unalterable. It is total inclusion. You cannot change it now or ever. It is forever true. It is not a belief, but a Fact. Anything that God created is as true as He is. Its truth lies only in its perfect inclusion in Him Who alone is perfect. To deny this is to deny yourself and Him, since it is impossible to accept one without the other.


I cannot imagine how Jesus could state the truth any more clearly than he has done so here. In the world there is only temporary happiness, or rather there are moments when we forget that we are not happy. There is no joy in the world. Our moments that seem the most joyful, falling in love, the birth of a child, seeing a grandchild for the first time, these moments are examples of what we call joy. And yet, they are tinged with fear. We fear falling out of love or losing the one we love. We fear for our children and grandchildren. There is no joy in the world that is pure.

The only way to find joy is to realize we are not in this world. We are where God put us and He put us with Him. In God we are purely joyful with nothing to tinge that joy. There is no loss or fear in God. And in God is where we are. It is not where we are going or where we hope to be one day. It is certainly not a place we get to by dying. Jesus is very clear about this. God created us like Him and in Him and that is unalterable.

Pretending to live in a strange world does not make it happen. We dream of life and death, but we only Live. To stop this absurd dream we need only to awaken to the simple fact that we cannot be what God created not. It is not possible to undo what God has done. We can, however, undo what we have done simply by desiring it to be undone.

For myself, I am noticing those times when I am uncertain or confused about what I want. My desire to abandon my imaginative play must be unqualified. If I value anything in the illusion then I will keep the illusion. If I reserve the right to judge then I have chosen the illusion. If I reserve the right to see myself as less than or better than someone else, I have chosen the illusion. So I watch my mind for the things I still think I want, and I realize that I do not want them. They are sharp edged toys that hurt me and I don’t want to play with them anymore.

The other thing I do is to remind myself of Who I am and What I am. I do this often. I remember that my mind is healed and Whole now! This is not something I have to earn or a goal I seek. It is the truth right now! I am God’s child, His holy Son, His perfect creation. Everything else is just part of the illusion, nothing, the remnants of a dream I have awakened from. I have lost interest in fixing the dream. What is the point? And when old habits lure me back into the dream, I shake myself awake again. I will not deny myself, and I will not deny God.

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