C 5: VI. Time and Eternity, P 10

VI. Time and Eternity, P 10

10 You need not fear the Higher Court will condemn you. It will merely dismiss the case against you. There can be no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God’s creations is bearing false witness to God Himself. Appeal everything you believe gladly to God’s Own Higher Court, because it speaks for Him and therefore speaks truly. It will dismiss the case against you, however carefully you have built it up. The case may be fool-proof, but it is not God-proof. The Holy Spirit will not hear it, because He can only witness truly. His verdict will always be “thine is the Kingdom,” because He was given to you to remind you of what you are.


Oh wow! If you harbor any guilt thoughts toward yourself then this paragraph is your salvation! The ego will, indeed, build a case against you. To this I can attest. It seems to have so much proof, but its proof is all smoke and mirrors. This is why that each time I feel guilty or notice a guilty thought that the ego has dredged up from the past, I ask the Holy Spirit to answer that charge against me.

He never finds me guilty. It is not possible for Him to do so, because His function is to remind me that I am the Son of God. There can no more be guilt in me than there can be guilt in God. Once the Holy Spirit has reminded me of the truth, I ask Him to remove the belief in guilt from my mind. I have been a pretty reluctant learner in the past, but I am becoming more malleable as I have asked often and been answered in the same way each time.

Now when I write that guilt does not exist, I actually believe it. I still hear the ego voice as it presents its proof that I am wrong about this, but I seldom agree with it. When it does find a memory that hooks me, I very willingly show it to the Holy Spirit and wait for my mind to be healed. Big change, that! I also see that I must give up the idea that someone else is guilty.

If I am innocent, so must be all my brothers. Imagine that you have an infection in your body. Could the rest of your body argue that the infection is in the hand and so has nothing to do with it? That would be me arguing that you could be guilty and it not have anything to do with me. It is ridiculous. I find that it is unusual for me to think of someone else guilty, but it still shows up in subtle ways.

I will be impatient with someone, or wish that someone had not called me. I will feel attacked by someone’s words or resent his absence. These are all examples of making the other person guilty, and noticing these thoughts as such helps me to see where I am still stubbornly clinging to the idea of guilt as being real. Good to see. Now I can practice mastering my decision to release the idea of guilt to the Holy Spirit so He can undo it for me.

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