C 4: IV. This Need Not Be, P 10

IV. This Need Not Be, P 10

10 The First Coming of Christ is merely another name for the creation, for Christ is the Son of God. The Second Coming of Christ means nothing more than the end of the ego’s rule and the healing of the mind. I was created like you in the First, and I have called you to join me in the Second. I am in charge of the Second Coming, and my judgment, which is used only for protection, cannot be wrong because it never attacks. Yours may be so distorted that you believe I was mistaken in choosing you. I assure you this is a mistake of your ego. Do not mistake it for humility. Your ego is trying to convince you that it is real and I am not, because if I am real, I am no more real than you are. That knowledge, and I assure you that it is knowledge, means that Christ has come into your mind and healed it.


I cried when I read the last sentence. Christ has come into my mind and healed it. It is done and I am healed. So what am I waiting for? Why do I still listen to the ego when it tells me how small and weak and vulnerable I am? The ego stands up and preaches fear and guilt and I just sit there in my wretchedness saying, “Amen, brother!” But I am healed and it is time to walk out on the ego’s sermon of misery.

I have, actually, walked out on the ego any number of times, but once in awhile I become mesmerized by its litany of judgments and suddenly I am right back there in its thrall until I again break free. All I have to do to be free is to want to be free, and the only thing keeping me bound to ego is my fear of freedom. The ego spins some story or another and for awhile I think that the answer to my problem is in the story, but eventually I always remember that there is only one problem appearing as many, and there is only one answer. My problem is that I have forgotten who I am and the answer is the Holy Spirit in my mind.

Jesus has not forgotten who I am and he has called me forward to take my place among his teachers. The ego, of course, is having a hissy fit about this. It keeps trying to bring me back into its fold with reminders of my many sins, and with dire warnings about lack of humility. Who am I to imagine I am a teacher for God? Who am I to imagine I stand side by side with Jesus? And yet, Jesus says he chose me and that he does not choose his helpers wrongly.

Just a very short time ago I would have cowered under the ego’s attack. I would have been willing to continue my practices and to commit to “someday” being ready, and the ego would have been there smirking at me as it pretended to go along with the plan knowing that someday would never come. But those days are over. I still practice, but I do so with conviction and passion.

I know who I am even as I act as if I am still an ego. I may be removing my costume a layer at a time, but I am removing it. I am stepping up and I am saying yes. Every morning now I am stopping for a moment to renew my commitment by saying yes, and by spending a few moments allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me. I don’t know what He is doing as I sit there, but I trust it is an essential part of the Second Coming.

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