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6-CD Audio Book

Healing Family Relationships
healfamilyalbApplying the Principles of
A Course in Miracles

by Rev. Myron Jones

  • Part I: Forgiving Our Primary Relationships
  • Part II: Fearless and guiltless Parenting Through A Course in Miracles
  • Part III: Learning New Ways to Be with Your Adult Children


Family relationships offer fertile ground for forgiveness and healing. This audio book will help you:

  • Apply the principles from A Course in Miracles to heal your relationships.
  • Release your judgments about families and simultaneously heal your judgments of the world.
  • Take great strides toward your own forgiveness and inner peace through the wealth of useful exercises and insight provided by Myron’s examples of her own healing process.

You will want to listen to this again and again.


Rev. Myron delivers uncompromising wisdom on spiritual parenting here. Inspired by A Course in Miracles and her own parenting experience, she shares the light of unobstructed love and guidance. Developing trust and forgiveness as parents is the most powerful means to free our children’s minds to access divine insight, creativity and inspiration.

— Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira, authors of Take Me to Truth


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Hey, Holy Spirit, Its Me Again! Available  now. To order, click here and you will be redirected to Pathways of Light.               refcm cr pr pb i


I learned to listen to the Voice for God through journaling as I studied the Daily Lessons and asking the Holy Spirit to help me understand what I was reading. I also asked Him to teach me how to use in my daily life what I was learning. This book covers Lesson 1 through Lesson 90. It is the first two section of the lessons. 


This is an essential guide for anyone ready to step out of the illusion of suffering and separation! It is indispensable as a companion to anyone on the A Course in Miracles (ACIM) pathway. Journey with Rev. Myron Jones as she shares her daily insights to accompany the first 90 lessons of ACIM’s Workbook For Students. Through sharing honestly and openly her day to day personal experiences of practicing the lessons, you are lovingly led by example, to experience for yourself the transformational power of ACIM. To hear Rev Myron talk about her book, Hey Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again, click here.


Regina Dawn Akers | author of The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament
Myron Jones has written a companion to A Course in Miracles’ Workbook for Students that is poignantly honest, abundantly insightful and at times very funny. Through Myron’s willingness to be completely transparent, we discover ourselves in her writing. We see our thoughts, and we find our answers in the guidance Holy Spirit shares with Myron. If we have ever doubted that we are all the same, Myron’s book will end that doubt forever.
July Vawter Wolfe | Author of The Sane Curriculum
I enjoy Myron Jones writing, so I was thrilled to read Hey, Holy Spirit, Its Me Again! Her insights are so clear as to be stunning. I particularly enjoy the way the Holy Spirit talks to her, and her fearlessness in sharing their conversations. Myrons relationship with her God and her self make excellent learning tools and examples of the work in progress. There is much to learn from her work.
Robert & Mary Stoelting | co-founders of Pathways of Light
You will want to make this book your companion as you go through the daily lessons of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. Myron’s self-honesty will inspire you to look honestly at your own fears and guilt that interfere with your relationships and disturb your peace. She openly shares her process of recognizing guilt and fear in myriad situations and bringing them to the Holy Spirit for insight and healing. Her many examples of applying the lessons to daily life experience and relationships at home and work demonstrate the practical benefits of Course lessons. We highly recommend this book.
Brenda Bence | Award-Winning Author, Professional Speaker/Trainer, and Certified Executive Coach
Following Reverend Myron’s A Course in Miracles journal these past 365 days has been one of the highlights of my year! Filled with honesty, openness, a warm and beautiful sense of humor, and inspiring insights, there wasn’t a day that went by that Reverend Myron didn’t help me in the process of changing my perceptions. She brings so much life to daily lessons that you can’t help but learn, grow, and experience miracles as you read along. I have been forever changed by her words and I know that, as a Course student, you couldn’t ask for a better partner in the journey than Reverend Myron Jones.

Reviews from Amazon

Trudy in Winterhaven says: Having studied the Course for over 30 years, this book helped in my final step to a break-through. At lesson 29, I was in tears. Gary Renard got me started in understanding more, and this book gave me the final push….thank you Byron… trudy in Winter Haven<:)

From SK Spahn in Louisiana: Hey Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again is required reading for both new and established Coursies. Myron Jones has long been known for sharing her insights on the 365 daily lessons in the Workbook for Students, and now all students of A Course In Miracles can share in her dialogue process with Holy Spirit. No ACIM bookshelf is complete without Myron’s wit and wisdom, which comes alive in the pages of her writings. Simple and easy to read, with no complicated secret centers, these first 90 lessons lay the foundation for serious students of the Course. Run, do not walk, to get your copy today. The only real question is…how long will we have to wait for the next volume!

From Nancy Sullivan:Rev. Myron Jones shows you the beauty of dialogue with the Holy Spirit. The Voice for God is accessible to all and Rev. Myron’s willingness to share this Voice will touch you, because it lives in each of our hearts. Myron shares the thoughts that seem to occupy most of our thinking, and then trustingly asks to see the truth. It is a beautiful demonstration of trust and encouragement that anyone can relate to. If you have ever thought, “I couldn’t do that”, or struggled with the lessons in “A Course in Miracles”, you may find this dialogue very helpful and just the kind of encouragement you have been looking for to develop trust in your own Teacher Within. 

Gillian Kimbal:If you are someone who has a tendency to spend too much time in the realm of concepts Myron’s writing can be a godsend. She writes from a humble and honest place, one which honors her own personal experience and trusts that the Holy Spirit has given it to her and will interpret it for her, if she is just willing to turn everything over to His guidance. This wonderful woman just keeps cropping up in my experience, leading me to new and wonderful books, bringing me out of my head and into my experience and my heart. Her postings on FB are startlingly honest and leave me so very grateful to her. This book seems to be a compilation of all those surrenderings and insights. Blessings on her.

Karmic Eraser says: I enjoy the way Myron writes, up close and personal. Though I’ve been a Course student for many years, Myron’s insights into the material are so helpful to me. Her conversations with Holy Spirit are inspiring and thought-provoking, just what I ask for from an author and teacher. I recommend this book, especially to beginners; Myron has a way of clarifying the learning experience that could save a lot of time and trial and error.



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