ACIM Workbook Lesson 33, Year 2022

ACIM Lesson 33 There is another way of looking at the world.

There is another way of looking at the world. ACIM Lesson 33

There is another way of looking at the world.

ACIM Lesson 33

Lesson 33

There is another way of looking at the world.

1. Today’s idea is an attempt to recognize that you can shift your perception of the world in both its outer and inner aspects. ²A full five minutes should be devoted to the morning and evening applications. ³In these practice periods, the idea should be repeated as often as you find comfortable, though unhurried applications are essential. ⁴Alternate between surveying your outer and inner perceptions, but without an abrupt sense of shifting.

We Have a Choice

There is another way of looking at the world is another major lesson even if Jesus is not discussing it here. Instead, he is introducing it slowly focusing on using it and thus letting us experience its helpfulness. As we use this idea more often, we will see that it is a very practical way of returning us to peace when we are upset. I’m sure that nearly everyone will argue against this lesson at some point. There will be times when it seems that it is not possible to see things differently. My experience has proven to me that there is always another way to see.

Since our minds are split now, we have a choice as to how we see the world. We can look at it from the perspective of the ego. In this case, we will experience fear in all its forms, anger, hatred, resentment, loss, pain, suffering, and death. Or we can choose to see it from our holy mind and we will experience life differently, seeing it from the perspective of love. Life will feel joyful and peaceful as we recognize there is always either love or a call for love. And we will come to know the joy of answering the call for love with love.

Inner and Outer Are the Same

2. Merely glance casually around the world you perceive as outside yourself, then close your eyes and survey your inner thoughts with equal casualness. ²Try to remain equally uninvolved in both, and to maintain this detachment as you repeat the idea throughout the day.

As before, Jesus is emphasizing the fact that the inner and the outer are really the same. Our thoughts are the cause of everything we think of as outside us. I have a thought of getting up to stretch my legs and I realize I could see this differently. I walk around a bit and then come back to work on this lesson, and I remind myself I could see this differently. The thought always comes first and is the cause of the effect and I can see both differently. Seeing the thought differently, generally resolves all conflict. Thus, I have learned to be vigilant for my thoughts.

Making My Decisions with the Holy Spirit

3. The shorter exercise periods should be as frequent as possible. ²Specific applications of today’s idea should also be made immediately, when any situation arises which tempts you to become disturbed. ³For these applications, say:

⁴There is another way of looking at this.

4. Remember to apply today’s idea the instant you are aware of distress. ²It may be necessary to take a minute or so to sit quietly and repeat the idea to yourself several times. ³Closing your eyes will probably help in this form of application.

Do you notice in the exercises, we are encouraged to use this lesson when things upset us? He asks us to say: ⁴There is another way of looking at this. We are told that we may have to do this for several minutes. But what is interesting is that we are not told to then think of another way to see it. This is significant because the ego will try to hijack our practice and decide on its own an alternate way to perceive the problem. This is not helpful. Let’s just do the lesson as given and know that as we open our mind to another way, it will be given to us.

Resolve All Conflict Through the Holy Spirit

Over time, I have learned to resolve all conflict by asking the Holy Spirit to show me a different way of seeing it. Chapter 30 in Rules for Decision we learn that in order for decisions to have power they must be made in union. We make all decisions with either the ego or the Holy Spirit. In asking the Holy Spirit for another way to see, I am choosing to be in union with Him. Choosing the Holy Spirit when I am in conflict of any kind is the same as forgiving the conflict. In so doing, my mind is healed and I am closer to God.

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