ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 158, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 158 Today I learn to give as I receive.

Today I learn to give as I receive. ACIM Lesson 158

Today I learn to give as I receive.

Lesson 158

Lesson 158

Today I learn to give as I receive.

1. What has been given you? ²The knowledge that you are a mind, in Mind and purely mind, sinless forever, wholly unafraid, because you were created out of love. ³Nor have you left your Source, remaining as you were created. ⁴This was given you as knowledge which you cannot lose. ⁵It was given as well to every living thing, for by that knowledge only does it live.

What incredibly good news! We really are as God created us. And we know this! This knowledge is in our minds and can never be lost. The only way we can have our present experience is to refuse to acknowledge what we very well know to be true. We are mind in Mind. We have not left our Source. Thus, in spite of what we imagine, we are not bodies living in a world apart from God. We are perfectly safe and can never be less than this. Only our imagination can give us an experience that is impossible. It cannot make the impossible possible.

The Revelation of the Father and the Son

2. You have received all this. ²No one who walks the world but has received it. ³It is not this knowledge which you give, for that is what creation gave. ⁴All this cannot be learned. ⁵What, then, are you to learn to give today? ⁶Our lesson yesterday evoked a theme found early in the text. ⁷Experience cannot be shared directly, in the way that vision can. ⁸The revelation that the Father and the Son are one will come in time to every mind. ⁹Yet is that time determined by the mind itself, not taught.

The truth is not taught and learned. It simply is. We cannot give another our experience either, but we can share our vision. So how do we remember what we decided to forget if it can’t be taught or shared? We decide to remember. The part that is in our awareness is forgiveness. Right now, the images that represent the desire for separation and specialness (i.e., the world) have all our attention. In order to shift our attention to the Holy Spirit’s vision of the world, we must forgive what we see with the body’s eyes.

When I do this the thought in my mind is that I forgive what never happened. The world was an idea that was rejected and so it never happened. This understanding is what makes true forgiveness possible. Otherwise, I would have to make the world (the disturbing situation) guilty and then try to forgive it for existing. That just doesn’t work. Done that way, the issue remains in our minds and continues to cause distress and to show up in various forms. As we continue to forgive the miracle undoes the illusion and, in this way, we decide when we will remember.

A Vast Illusion

3. The time is set already. ²It appears to be quite arbitrary. ³Yet there is no step along the road that anyone takes but by chance. ⁴It has already been taken by him, although he has not yet embarked on it. ⁵For time but seems to go in one direction. ⁶We but undertake a journey that is over. ⁷Yet it seems to have a future still unknown to us.

4. Time is a trick, a sleight of hand, a vast illusion in which figures come and go as if by magic. ²Yet there is a plan behind appearances that does not change. ³The script is written. ⁴When experience will come to end your doubting has been set. ⁵For we but see the journey from the point at which it ended, looking back on it, imagining we make it once again; reviewing mentally what has gone by.

All this is quite fascinating. The world we see was projected and then rejected so that it never happened. We are just reviewing it as decision-makers, deciding if we want to keep reviewing it or let it go. The script is written and the only part we have in it is to make those decisions but that is enough. Those decisions determine which version of the script we want to experience at any given time.

The Script Is Written

To make sense of this it is necessary to understand that the script was written in every possible variation. So, there is a story of Myron who was led to A Course in Miracles and there is a variation on that story where Myron remained a Catholic. There is a version where Myron tried A Course in Miracles but gave up and one where she awakens through her practice of it. And there are many more versions. It is all written and my decisions determine the version of the story I experience.

So when it says that when experience will come to end doubting has been set, it means that this time is in the script and available to me. I continue to forgive and accept the atonement in many different experiences along the script. In this way, the belief in the world starts falling away from me. I begin to make more and more choices that lead to awakening. At some point, I make enough choices with the Holy Spirit to put me in the version of Myron’s life where she wakes up.

Vision Is His Gift

5. A teacher does not give experience, because he did not learn it. ²It revealed itself to him at its appointed time. ³But vision is his gift. ⁴This he can give directly, for Christ’s knowledge is not lost, because He has a vision He can give to anyone who asks. ⁵The Father’s Will and His are joined in knowledge. ⁶Yet there is a vision which the Holy Spirit sees because the Mind of Christ beholds it too.

Once my mind is sufficiently cleared of ego beliefs, I have the experience of awakening. I can’t give anyone else that experience. What I can give them is the vision that will help them achieve their own healing so they can wake up, too. I might help a new student understand the difference between perception and knowledge. This will help her understand why watching her thoughts are important. Watching her thoughts will help her learn to turn to the Holy Spirit for correction. Eventually, her mind clears enough that she can have her own experience.

Or I might describe to someone what it was like when I experienced my first really significant shift and what I did to reach that shift. This might help them to open their mind to the possibility and encourage them to do the work for themselves. I have had a number of teachers who have shared their vision with me. Ken Wapnick, David Hoffmeister, Regina Dawn Akers, Cate Grieves just to name a few. Each of them in different ways opened my mind to the next step.

All Contradictions Reconciled

6. Here is the joining of the world of doubt and shadows made with the intangible. ²Here is a quiet place within the world made holy by forgiveness and by love. ³Here are all contradictions reconciled, for here the journey ends. ⁴Experience—unlearned, untaught, unseen—is merely there. ⁵This is beyond our goal, for it transcends what needs to be accomplished. ⁶Our concern is with Christ’s vision. ⁷This we can attain.

I don’t seek the experience of awakening. I seek Christ’s vision. The experience will take care of itself. Here is another way that I can share this vision with another. I can simply accept that they are innocent and as God created them regardless of behaviors. I can look past what is happening or being said and know who they are.

In the past, I used to judge everyone and everything. In so doing I taught people they were guilty. And of course, what is given is received and so I taught myself I was guilty. Now I might have a thought that someone is guilty but I recognize that is just part of the illusion and I forgive that thought. In so doing, I teach them their innocence.

See No One As a Body

7. Christ’s vision has one law. ²It does not look upon a body, and mistake it for the Son whom God created. ³It beholds a light beyond the body; an idea beyond what can be touched, a purity undimmed by errors, pitiful mistakes, and fearful thoughts of guilt from dreams of sin. ⁴It sees no separation. ⁵And it looks on everyone, on every circumstance, all happenings and all events, without the slightest fading of the light it sees.

8. This can be taught; and must be taught by all who would achieve it. ²It requires but the recognition that the world can not give anything that faintly can compare with this in value; nor set up a goal that does not merely disappear when this has been perceived. ³And this you give today: See no one as a body. ⁴Greet him as the Son of God he is, acknowledging that he is one with you in holiness.

This is something that we can all learn to do. I practice it when I shop, when I visit family and friends, when I interact with others in any way. Sometimes I will go a while without remembering to practice seeing past the body. I can easily tell the difference. That is when I feel impatient and judgmental. I feel like something is off-kilter, that even if I can’t put my finger on it, something is wrong. So, I ask the Holy Spirit what I need to see and He tells me I need to see what is really there. I need to see the Son of God.

In His forgiveness, they Are Gone

9. Thus are his sins forgiven him, for Christ has vision that has power to overlook them all. ²In His forgiveness are they gone. ³Unseen by One they merely disappear, because a vision of the holiness that lies beyond them comes to take their place. ⁴It matters not what form they took, nor how enormous they appeared to be, nor who seemed to be hurt by them. ⁵They are no more. ⁶And all effects they seemed to have are gone with them, undone and never to be done.

The contrast between seeing with Christ’s vision and with seeing with the ego is so obvious that I cannot fail to change my mind. If not right away, soon I change my mind. All I need to do is to desire to forgive and the miracle takes the place of judgment. The miracle takes the form of helpfulness, gentleness, or just peaceful happiness.

You Learn to Give As You Receive

10. Thus do you learn to give as you receive. ²And thus Christ’s vision looks on you as well. ³This lesson is not difficult to learn, if you remember in your brother you but see yourself. ⁴If he be lost in sin, so must you be; if you see light in him, your sins have been forgiven by yourself. ⁵Each brother whom you meet today provides another chance to let Christ’s vision shine on you, and offer you the peace of God.

I haven’t seen anyone today but I have thought of people. I have spoken to people on the phone. Each time whether it be a thought or a word, I was given the opportunity to see myself as innocent or guilty depending on what I saw in them. I was given a chance to let Christ’s vision shine on us both.

Seeing with the Eyes of Christ

11. It matters not when revelation comes, for that is not of time. ²Yet time has still one gift to give, in which true knowledge is reflected in a way so accurate its image shares its unseen holiness; its likeness shines with its immortal love. ³We practice seeing with the eyes of Christ today. ⁴And by the holy gifts we give, Christ’s vision looks upon ourselves as well.

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