ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 149, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 149 Review IV My mind holds only what I think with God.

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(137) When I am healed I am not healed alone.
(138) Heaven is the decision I must make.
ACIM Lesson 149

My mind holds only what I think with God.

When I am healed I am not healed alone.

Heaven is the decision I must make.

ACIM Lesson 149

Lesson 149

My mind holds only what I think with God.

(137) When I am healed I am not healed alone.

(138) Heaven is the decision I must make.

This review reminds me that when I accept healing, I do so for the entire Sonship. My true thoughts bless everyone with truth. I don’t usually witness this so it is easy to forget. But I don’t need to know where the blessing goes and who accepts it. And Jesus tells us this.

The power of one mind can shine into another, because all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark. It is everywhere and it is eternal. (ACIM, T-10.IV.7:5-6)

The ego is the idea of a personal mind separate from all other minds. When we believe that we are separate from each other, we tend to think of awakening as a personal journey. But we do not awaken alone. Each step we take is shared by all. We each have a part to play, a piece of the puzzle so to speak. But all pieces fit together to be complete.

Making a New Decision

To take these steps toward awakening, I must decide on Heaven. I seem to be in the world because I decided this was the experience I wanted. Now I must make a new decision. This is a decision I make moment by moment. When I am unhappy, I know that I made a decision for the world but I can change my mind. In that moment, if I choose to do so, I can let go of the ego thought. I can ask the Holy Spirit to choose for me.

The following is something I have shared before. I share it again because it was so helpful to me.

A few years ago I discovered my brother was very sick. I experienced a lot of distress about this situation. Here is a message I received while in meditation. It helped me to make a decision for Heaven. My brother is fine now.

A Helpful Message

Holy Spirit: Myron, the story will play out as it does, and your part will be made clear as it unfolds. Your only desire is to love completely and without conditions each person in the script. The ego believes your job is to defend yourself from death, inconvenience, and fearful situations. That is the ego’s job as it sees it, and at one time you thought it was your goal as well. You do not believe that now, and the wish to defend is just a shadow of an old belief. Though you will hear that shadow speak, you will feel My presence beside you as you choose not to believe it.

You are confused about how to pray about this and that frightens you. As you have done before, give all your concerns and fears to God and then allow Him to enfold you in His peace and love. Allow yourself to be comforted by His certainty and His absolute love for you. Bring your brother into the cocoon of Love that is you and your Father. That is all he needs as well.

Detach From the Story

Myron, do not concern yourself with the story. Make your decision for Heaven by knowing that there is no story that in any way negates God’s creation of His perfect Son. Suffering is not part of His plan for anyone and no story, however elaborate, can create what is not part of God. Yes, you can choose to experience something that feels like suffering, but you cannot be that. And when you decide differently it will be as if nothing occurred because nothing occurred.

Remember this: Your thoughts are meaningless. You do not have to believe them. You have real thoughts, which are the thoughts you think with God. As you keep noticing your feelings and your thoughts about this situation, realize that there is something else for you to know. Look at the thought or the feeling and ask Me for the thought that is true. Do not become attached to the meaning you have assigned to these thoughts. Be willing to discard the meaning you have given them so that you can approach with empty hands and accept the truth instead.

As you focus your mind more and more fully on the purpose of the story, you will not be distracted by the story. The story is fearful and sad only if you give it credence. If you allow your mind to dwell on the story itself you will begin to assign meaning and expectations and will then experience disappointment, fear, and guilt. These effects are not caused by the story itself, but by the meaning you give it. Continue to choose to look with Me instead. Decide for Heaven, Myron, in this as in all things. That is the purpose of time.

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