ACIM Chapter 6. II.The Alternative to Projection P 4, 5

ACIM II. The Alternative to Projection P 4, 5. We have learned, however, that there is an alternative to projection.

ACIM Chapter 6. II.The Alternative to Projection P 4, 5

ACIM Chapter 6. II.The Alternative to Projection P 4, 5

II. The Alternative to Projection, P 4

4 We have learned, however, that there is an alternative to projection. Every ability of the ego has a better use, because its abilities are directed by the mind, which has a better Voice. The Holy Spirit extends and the ego projects. As their goals are opposed, so is the result.

The ego makes for the purpose of adding to the illusion. Whatever it is we have made through ego, the Holy Spirit can use it to help us wake up. This is the only value of these lives we seem to be living. In my life, I can see the effects of my beliefs and feel the accompanying emotions. I can see how my choices affect others. Thus, I can make an informed decision about what I want.

For many years, I made my decisions based on the erroneous belief that I had needs that must be met to be happy. I did this when choosing a husband. When I was young, I met a young man who I found very appealing. I wasn’t particularly introspective and so I didn’t think about why I was drawn to him. But I did know what I wanted in a partner. I wanted a stable life, something I did not have in my birth family. I wanted to be taken care of, and to be made to feel special. Since I didn’t see this man giving me what I thought I needed, I turned from him.

I found someone I felt could meet all my needs and fell in love with him.

I honestly never considered if I could meet his needs. His needs were not my priority, and I was too immature to even recognize this as self-centered. I got what I wanted and being entirely ego-driven, that relationship eventually fell apart. Of course, it did. I was disappointed that he wouldn’t ‘love’ me in the way I needed and thought he was my problem. That is the ego’s use of projection.

Slowly, I matured and began to think of the needs of others as being important, even if I did put them second to mine. It wasn’t until I found A Course in Miracles that I really changed, and even then, it took a long time. I projected my unhappiness onto many others. I thought that the reason I was discontented had to do with the present situation, whatever that was.

But now I had a way of seeing this differently. If I let the Holy Spirit heal my mind of its erroneous beliefs, I could let people just be because I didn’t need anything from them. This changed everything for me as it was my introduction to love rather than neediness, which was all I had known. Certainly, it didn’t happen all at once, but it did happen.

Over time, looking at my thoughts and feelings with the Holy Spirit and accepting the Atonement for them, I learned that He could use projection in a different way. He could extend love through me where I had been projecting blame. Because we are always the first perceivers of what we give, I experienced love. This breakthrough has led me to a peaceful, happy life but more importantly, it has helped me begin to let go of the ego identity and to accept my true identity instead.

5 II. The Alternative to Projection, P 5

5 The Holy Spirit begins by perceiving you as perfect. Knowing this perfection is shared He recognizes it in others, thus strengthening it in both. Instead of anger this arouses love for both, because it establishes inclusion. Perceiving equality, the Holy Spirit perceives equal needs. This invites Atonement automatically, because Atonement is the one need in this world that is universal. To perceive yourself this way is the only way in which you can find happiness in the world. That is because it is the acknowledgement that you are not in this world, for the world is unhappy.

When I began my search for a new car, I remembered past experiences and judged this one by those criteria. I felt uncomfortable and at a disadvantage. I saw the salesman as my enemy, someone I was competing with. It felt really bad and jarred me out of my ego trance. I realized I was projecting, and I knew that projection would take me deeper into the illusion. It would further separate me from my brothers and so from God. So, I made a different choice.

I asked the Holy Spirit to heal my mind.

I remembered my purpose was not to get a good deal on a car but to extend love. From that different choice, I had a different experience. I treated everyone I spoke to as if they were precious to me. I had moments when the ego tried to entice me back into the game, but I would then remember my purpose. It was a good experience, and I now own a very nice car.

When I asked the Holy Spirit for help, He did not start by telling me what was wrong with me so I could fix it. He looked at me and saw perfection, which awakened a memory in me. I was not consciously aware of this process, but that is what was happening. It is the reason I could turn on a dime and suddenly see myself in an expanded way. I was no longer a woman at a car lot afraid of being duped as she tried to navigate a situation without the knowledge to do so.

From a healed mind, I became a teacher of God buying a car. My purpose was to allow healing of my mind and so move closer to awakening, and in the process, help my brothers to awaken as well. I started out this contracted little person, defensive and ready to attack at the slightest provocation. I became an extender of love, treating everyone as I would want to be treated. The Holy Spirit looked out from my perfection to their perfection, and I joined in His Vision.

There was no cost, only gain, because God does not want our sacrifice.

He does not Will that any of His children suffer. I got a nice car, the salesman made his commission, and the dealership made their profit. And we all felt the Love of God move through that transaction. Holy Spirit, thank you for your Vision and for healing my mind. Please guide me through this day as well, and help me remember my purpose in everything I do.

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