Manual for Teachers: Section 7 . . SHOULD HEALING BE REPEATED? . . . . page 22 paragraph 2

Section 7


page 22, paragraph 2




2 Whenever a teacher of God has tried to be a channel for healing he has succeeded. 2Should he be tempted to doubt this, he should not repeat his previous effort. 3That was already maximal, because the Holy Spirit so accepted it and so used it. 4Now the teacher of God has only one course to follow. 5He must use his reason to tell himself that he has given the problem to One Who cannot fail, and must recognize that his own uncertainty is not love but fear, and therefore hate. 6His position has thus become untenable, for he is offering hate to one to whom he offered love. 7This is impossible. 8Having offered love, only love can be received.


2 Whenever a teacher of God has tried to be a channel for healing he has succeeded.

This is not a hope or a possibility; this is a fact. When I pray for someone’s healing, I have succeeded. It is done and does not need my continued effort. The Holy Spirit accepted my prayer for healing and so has already used it. Jesus doesn’t say that I don’t need to keep trying; he says that I should not repeat my effort. There must be a reason he would phrase it like this, and there is.


When I feel like I need to keep trying it is because to do so would indicate a lack of faith, my uncertainty would not be love but fear; however, when I pray for someone’s healing, that is an act of love. When I doubt the healing, that is an act of fear. Then Jesus is very blunt as he says that fear is hate. Yikes! I never want to do that. I offered love and so it impossible that I now offer hate where love has been received.

In the past, I have made this mistake. I would pray for someone and then I would watch for proof that the person was healed. If I did not see signs of healing, I would pray again. I have since learned that the illusion is not a reliable source of information. Sometimes the effects of the healing show up in a way that I can see it, but not always. I have learned to trust the Holy Spirit to complete His function and so now I trust that healing has occurred.


I have asked for self-healing of certain beliefs that are the root cause of both emotional distress and physical illness. I know that this has been done because I asked. Some of these beliefs are clearly undone in my mind. Some still show up in their effects, but they are undone as well. The physical manifestation is waiting for my acceptance, and that will occur, as I am willing to release the guilt that prevents me from accepting it.

Prayer for Healing

I am part of a prayer ministry through Pathways of Light, and when I accept a prayer request, I agree to pray for the person for 30 days. The way this works for me is that I pray for their healing and then after that when I look at my prayer list, I express my gratitude for their healing. I might think of something else to do, such as to pray that they will feel God’s gentle touch on their hearts and so be comforted, but I do not repeat the original healing as that is done.

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