C 8: III. The Holy Encounter, P 1

III. The Holy Encounter, P 1

1 Glory to God in the highest, and to you because He has so willed it. Ask and it shall be given you, because it has already been given. Ask for light and learn that you are light. If you want understanding and enlightenment you will learn it, because your decision to learn it is the decision to listen to the Teacher Who knows of light, and can therefore teach it to you. There is no limit on your learning because there is no limit on your mind. There is no limit on His teaching because He was created to teach. Understanding His function perfectly He fulfills it perfectly, because that is His joy and yours.


I was telling a friend recently, that sometimes I almost know what I am. And then sometimes, I feel like Myron, this body, this personality, and that I feel like a beginner. I feel like I am in first grade and will never get to second grade. But how could that be true? No matter what I feel like I must be as God created me. I must be what God Wills for me.

What I see is that the only difference between the two states, feeling like I am the Will of God and feeling like I am my ego self, is the teacher I am listening to. When I feel lost or hopeless the only thing wrong with me is that I am listening to and believing the ego thoughts in my mind. The truth doesn’t go anywhere just because I am not paying attention to it.

I will have enlightenment if enlightenment is what I want. I will have it because it is always there waiting for me and because I have the Holy Spirit Who was made for this. He teaches perfectly and continuously because it is His function. He teaches joyously and I can learn joyously, as well. As I remind myself of the truth and turn my face toward the light, the very idea of failure becomes ludicrous. I remember to ask that my perception be corrected, and I see that was the only problem, my perception was out of alignment with the truth.

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