C 8: II. The Difference Between Imprisonment and Freedom, P 8

II. The Difference Between Imprisonment and Freedom, P 8

8 To what else except all power and glory can the Holy Spirit appeal to restore God’s Kingdom? His appeal, then, is merely to what the Kingdom is, and for its own acknowledgement of what it is. When you acknowledge this you bring the acknowledgement automatically to everyone, because you have acknowledged everyone. By your recognition you awaken theirs, and through theirs yours is extended. Awakening runs easily and gladly through the Kingdom, in answer to the Call for God. This is the natural response of every Son of God to the Voice for his Creator, because It is the Voice for his creations and for his own extension.


The Holy Spirit awakens us through acknowledging the Kingdom of which we are a part, and when we acknowledge this we bring it to everyone because to acknowledge the Kingdom is to remember that we are everyone, and are all part of the Kingdom. This acknowledgment, this remembrance of the truth, is how we wake up.

I think of awakening as the noticing of what is not the Kingdom and letting it go. Actually, this part of the process is in preparation for awakening, but awakening, I think, is what comes after we do the work. I ask Holy Spirit to heal my mind. I ask him to correct perception. I feel a shift in the way I view things, a change in the beliefs I have held. It feels like the world changes.

This step by step process of removing the blocks to my awareness seems to be necessary. One day, though, I will be ready to acknowledge what has always been here, what all the little shifts have been pointing to. Then the world will fall away. I love that Jesus says, “Awakening runs easily and gladly through the Kingdom, in answer to the Call for God.”

Right now it still feels hard sometimes, and it seems to occur in fits and starts. Looked at from the view point of time and space it is hard to imagine this ease and gladness, and hard to imagine everyone responding to the Call. In a room with 100 people, I might be the only one who hears this call, I think.

But my vision is narrow and my understanding very small. I trust that Jesus is the Atonement and that I need only listen for my call and acknowledge it. My acknowledgment will be the call to someone else who is ready to hear it. It is enough that I understand this part and answer this part. I don’t need to understand more than that to do my part.

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