C 7: VI. From Vigilance to Peace, P 12

VI. From Vigilance to Peace, P 12

12 Allowing insanity to enter your mind means that you have not judged sanity as wholly desirable. If you want something else you will make something else, but because it is something else, it will attack your thought system and divide your allegiance. You cannot create in this divided state, and you must be vigilant against this divided state because only peace can be extended. Your divided mind is blocking the extension of the Kingdom, and its extension is your joy. If you do not extend the Kingdom, you are not thinking with your Creator and creating as He created.


I want to be one with my Creator. I want to create as He creates. I want to think as He thinks. I want to be joyful as He is joyful. I want to be peaceful as He is peaceful. I can have all of this, but only from a state of mind that is conducive to this and the only state of mind from which this is possible is one of wholeness.

I can have something else because of the power of my mind. It cannot be real, but I can have it and it will appear real for me. But if I do have it, it will keep me from having what I truly want. Wanting something else disrupts the oneness of mind from which all things God are extended and so through my desire for something different, I have deprived myself of everything worth having.

The solution to this quandary is in my mind. The Holy Spirit will correct all my errors and return my mind to Wholeness if I want Him to do so. Just as I had to want something else for it to be manifested, I must want wholeness for me to become aware that I have it, that I am it. If I say I want wholeness but am unwilling to meet its conditions, then I don’t really want it.

An example of this process in action would look like this. I am annoyed with a man at work. I have projected onto him and judged my projections. This decision has strengthened my belief in, and need for, separation. I cannot know wholeness because I think I need separation and my desire for it made it seem real to me. I keep this in place through what I decide is justified anger.

I notice that my decisions in this matter cost me my peace and I decide I want peace more than I want judgment and anger. I ask the Holy Spirit to correct my thinking and heal my mind. Suddenly I see what happened, what it was in myself that needed healing and that I chose to project rather than to face.

In withdrawing my projections from this man and allowing them to be healed, I have brought my mind into alignment with truth. I am able to experience unity with this brother of mine rather than separation. I am reminded of wholeness and my desire for a permanent state of wholeness increases. I continue this process and with each choice for wholeness, I become more willing for wholeness, and more certain that sanity is wholly desired.

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