C 6: II. The Alternative to Projection, P 11

II. The Alternative to Projection, P 11

11 The ego can accept the idea that return is necessary because it can so easily make the idea seem difficult. Yet the Holy Spirit tells you that even return is unnecessary, because what never happened cannot be difficult. However, you can make the idea of return both necessary and difficult. Yet it is surely clear that the perfect need nothing, and you cannot experience perfection as a difficult accomplishment, because that is what you are. This is the way in which you must perceive God’s creations, bringing all of your perceptions into the one line the Holy Spirit sees. This line is the direct line of communication with God, and lets your mind converge with His. There is no conflict anywhere in this perception, because it means that all perception is guided by the Holy Spirit, Whose Mind is fixed on God. Only the Holy Spirit can resolve conflict, because only the Holy Spirit is conflict-free. He perceives only what is true in your mind, and extends outward only to what is true in other minds.


This idea that I can spend eons letting go and never finishing the process keeps coming up for me this morning. I was guided to it as I read my passage from the Manual for Teachers and was given some thoughts about it. Now I look at today’s paragraph from the Text, and again I see that Jesus wants me to know that it does not have to be hard or time consuming to awaken. I am not really going anywhere and I am already what I seek to be.

This is equally true for everyone else. When I look at my brother and see him as less than a perfect creation, it is because I still don’t want to remember my own perfection. I am merely projecting onto my brother what I am determined to see in myself. How hard it must be for me to keep up this façade! I must look on perfection and never allow myself to see it. How do I do that?

I am tired of the game and I want to allow the blocks to Vision to be removed from my mind. This was the plan all along and now it is time. It is a simple thing to allow my mind to be brought into alignment with what actually Is. “Holy Spirit, let’s go straight to the core, straight to the original error, the desire to experience separation. I want to remember the truth. I want to remember who I am. I want to see truth of this reflected in my brothers, in every facet of this life and this world.”

I was reading from I Am the Word, and they spoke about beliefs as boulders sitting in the room, and how we have learned to live with these boulders and accommodate to them. I looked at one of my boulders last night and realized that I have been chipping away at it, but only cautiously, as if I were afraid that if I chipped too diligently I might lose it before I was ready. I see that I must have believed that this debilitating belief had some value, was somehow protective.

At first it made me cry to see the boulder so clearly and to realize how much I believe in it and how painful that is. Then I allowed my mind to be brought to some memories and to see how the boulder started and how my belief added layers and layer to it until it loomed so high and solid in my mind I could not imagine it being gone. Then I decided that, with help from Jesus, from the Holy Spirit, surrounded by angels and mighty companions, I could afford to live without this belief.

I gave my permission for the boulder of a belief to be blasted out of existence! Wow! I just did it and it was nothing really, not the huge, devastating explosion I expected, but just a small explosion with a little dust. I had to laugh. I don’t think we have any real boulders, just shadows that seem to loom big in our minds because we have believed in them, valued them, and defended them for so long.

“Holy Spirit, I know now that this does not have to be the arduous journey I have made of it. I open my heart to You, give You full access to my mind today. I ask that You heal me completely. “

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