Quantum Leaps in the Time of Corona Virus

I think the greatest gift this virus has for us is the realization that we have no control. We see that we cannot turn to our government to fix this for us. We cannot turn to the medical profession to do so because they, too are perplexed. We cannot control the situation ourselves. There is not enough toilet paper in the world to soothe the mind that thinks it is in control. This is a fine thing! We have never been in control and now, if we value the peace of God, we can finally accept this fact. 

Instead of trying to control life, we can watch life unfold. We can enjoy the mystery of it. Instead of being a time of uncertainty and of fear, we can watch it as the interesting movie that it is. And we can watch our mind for the thoughts that entice us out of the observer mode and threaten to pull us into the story as if it were reality. Jesus says that the only power we left ourselves with in the dream is the power of choice. He says that is enough. We can choose to disregard the ego fear thoughts, handing them over to the Holy Spirit and letting Him show us a different interpretation of the situation. 

Making a decision like this is powerful because we are drawing on the power of God within us. When I do this, I stand firm in that power and I am uncompromising in my decision to be the ruler of my kingdom as I declare that I have no use for this ego thought. I do this with conviction. It has no value for me and is not relevant to my awakening and so not relevant to me. I will not accept it into my holy mind. Then I wait in awe as I allow the Holy Spirit to remove it for me. What a miracle that is!

I think we all have an opportunity right now in the midst of this Coronavirus experience to make quantum leaps in our spiritual growth. The present environment is rich with opportunities to watch the mind. I watch to see if I feel anger or resentment toward a president who seems unable to lead in this time of crisis. If so, I know that is just fear being triggered in my mind and then projected onto him because… well, because he is handy. 

If everyone talking about worst-case scenarios leaves me feeling anxious, even a little anxious, I know that my own anxiety has been triggered and that I can celebrate that. These triggers are pure gold! I cannot choose to be healed of anything if I have been denying the existence of the problem. This pandemic is flushing up all sorts of thoughts and feelings that I can take to the Holy Spirit for healing. It doesn’t matter if they seem minor or fleeting, all ego thoughts are equal in their ability to veil reality and keep me interested in the illusion and thus turned away from God.

I doubt that I will come out of this experience the writer of great literature or with a cure from some illness, but if I pay attention, and if I refuse to look outward for cause, I will come out of the experience further down my path. Maybe much further.

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