C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 8

I. Principles of Miracles, P 8

8 Miracles are healing because they supply a lack; they are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less.



Ultimately we lack nothing and it is the belief that we do lack that the miracle heals. I think I need more money or better health, or a special love. The miracle is for the purpose of healing our minds of the beliefs that make us think we could ever lack for anything. At the same time His answers meet our needs as we see them. The gift He would give us is a healed mind, but He would have His answer be understood so it will come in a form that is most helpful to us at the level we find ourselves. (As he tells us in The Song of Prayer.)

I remember one time years ago my daughter got suddenly very sick. She got a fever and it shot up high. She was hallucinating and I was scared to death. I didn’t know about the Holy Spirit, or about healing the mind. What I did know is that my daughter was in danger and that I could call on God for help, which is what I did. I felt very alone and because I was alone in this I was more frightened, so I called the prayer line at Unity. A very calm and soothing voice on the other end of the line promised me a miracle, and I believed her. The fever faded away very quickly and my darling daughter slept peacefully. When she woke she was completely healed.

The miracle seemed to be the healing of my daughter that I prayed for, but it was greater than that. What I learned from that situation was that I could trust God, that the world’s laws could be superseded by God’s laws, and that if I joined in prayer with someone else the prayer was strong and I felt better. My mind was healed to the extent that I was willing to accept the healing and in a way that made the healing understandable to me. The person who answered the prayer line represented the one who temporarily had more. In form, she was my Holy Spirit. She saw that I believed I had a need and she responded to that need without necessarily believing that what I believed was true.

Right now there is a hurricane over New Orleans. It is not especially strong, but it is very large and it is not moving. There have already been people needing to be rescued in its wake. My son and his fiancé are in their little apartment in New Orleans and as my friend was telling me all this I could feel my heart start to race. So I sat still and watched my mind.

This is a very helpful process. It allows me to be in touch with my feelings, to watch my thoughts and yet, to be detached from them to the degree I am able. It helps me to remember that I am not the story, but the watcher of the story. The more personal I make the story, the harder it is to remember the truth. At times when I am unable to fully disengage from what seems to be happening it is helpful to ask someone who is certain of themselves to remember my certainty for me. If they temporarily have more certainty they can support me while I temporarily have less.

The truth is that I (and my son) are infinite beings and are never in any danger. We are experiencing a dream, a story with elements of danger and excitement, but we are doing so from a safe distance, you might say. It is such a compelling story that we get completely lost in it and forget that it’s not real. When that happens the scary parts get real scary and it’s helpful to have someone to tap me on the shoulder (through words, or simply through prayer) to call me back to reality. Later, I may do the same for them when our roles are reversed.

Remembering the truth is a miracle. Remembering who I am is a miracle. In the world if you get cancer you suffer and maybe die. In the world if you lose your job and your savings you suffer poverty unless you can regain your status. In the world if someone you love dies, they are gone and you suffer that loss. A miracle corrects that thinking. It sets aside the laws of the world and puts the law of God back into place in your mind. As the story beliefs are undone, the truth becomes obvious and your true identity is uncovered. That is the true miracle, the miracle we are ultimately receiving even when it seems to take physical form. The truth behind the physical healing, or the financial relief or relationship correction, is the miracle of awakening.

We help each other as we wake up. When my mind is clear and my intent is strong you call on me to know the truth for you. When I am confused and afraid and unable to remember the truth for myself, I call on you and ask you to pray for me and you remember the truth for me. Whoever is strong in the truth is the one offering the miracle. Not because they are holier or more advanced or in anyway different than the other one, but because they are not different or separate and right this moment they know it. Later, I will be the one who knows it, until one day, we all join in this knowing and it is so strong and clear in our mind that we laugh at that the thought we could ever forget who we are.

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