C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 21

I. Principles of Miracles, P 21

21 Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles, you accept God’s forgiveness by extending it to others.



Later in the Text I am told that God does not forgive because God never condemns. So what is God’s forgiveness? It is the certainty that I have done nothing for which to be forgiven. I don’t need to be forgiven, but for this to be meaningful to me I must believe that I am innocent. I will never believe in my innocence if I believe in anyone else’s guilt.

It took me many years to understand and accept this. I kept looking at each instance in which I felt guilty or thought someone was guilty and tried to see the innocence. I tried to see how I could be innocent this time, or how that person could be innocent when they were so clearly guilty. Eventually, after giving my willingness to be wrong about that time and to be wrong about the next time, over and over again, I finally understood. I am not innocent of this or that, I am simply innocent.

In order to truly believe I am forgiven I had to give up the idea of guilt. Before the idea of separation there was no such thing as guilt, and since separation is an illusion, so is guilt. What is not in God does not exist. There is no guilt in God so there can be none in me or anyone else. Let me say that again; because there is no guilt in God, there can be no guilt. I am innocent. So are you. It is simply a fact.

Life as I experience it through the character of Myron is just a story played out on the biggest and most spectacular 3D screen ever. What happens in this story is not real and the characters are not real. Who is there to be guilty? What could they be guilty for? Within my story I am in charge of everything that happens. Everyone who shows up for my little production of the Life of Myron, does so at my invitation. They play the part I assigned them and read the lines I gave them. How could they be guilty of anything?

Every good story has a theme, a purpose, something to be accomplished. My story is no different. My theme has been one of victimhood and the purpose has been to discover that this is not possible. So early on, right from the beginning I set up her story so that she would feel like a victim in many little ways and some big ones. How could victimization be proven impossible if no one played the victim?

So all these characters, the main characters, the bit characters and the extras helped Myron feel like a victim so she could finally learn she wasn’t. The actors who played her parents began the process of teaching her she was a victim and many others joined in to add to the idea. Each one did his or her part exactly as directed and did it to support me in my decision to learn that no one is a victim of the world they see.

There were also those who helped her learn that she was not a victim by leaving clues or through encouraging and supporting her. They wrote books for her to discover and read; they loved her even when she was acting out her victim behavior, such as blaming and projecting onto them. They too, did this at my direction and for the purpose of helping me learn that no one can be a victim.

There is no difference between the two groups of people. They were all here in the story of Myron to support me in my quest for the truth. So who is there to forgive? What is there to forgive? The quest is coming to an end, as within the story Myron has begun to realize this and she reacts differently to the other actors.

When someone treats her as if she is a victim she no longer obliges with that behavior but she also no longer blames them for playing their part. She sees them as not guilty, but only confused. In her heart she knows they are innocent and finally it is not that she refuses to see them as guilty, she simply cannot see them guilty.

Guilt is becoming meaningless to her. This certainty, this conviction that guilt is not real and no one is guilty built slowly throughout the entire production as she began to accept her own innocence through extending God’s forgiveness to others. This is a miracle story.

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