Lesson 8 Dropping Pebbles Into the Pool Of Awareness

While it is very true that you have selected out of aspects of creation to focus your attention on, yet underneath – in the depth of the wave that is unseen by your physical eye, unseen by your conscious awareness or your day-to-day mind – you have remained in perfect communication with all of creation.

You are, therefore, in relationship with all created things, and there is a communication that occurs without ceasing. Imagine being able to look into the air of your planet and to literally see the radio waves, the television waves, and all the electrical waves that keep bouncing back and forth across your planet. This is what you swim in daily. Your consciousness pervades this field of vibrations.

What I learned
Slowly, lesson through lesson, Jeshua is re-introducing my self to my Self. I am rising above the little mind to become the witness and in so doing. I am learning to see at life from a broader perspective. This perspective places me, not in the world, but, rather, the world in me. It is a perspective from which I continually fall as the world compels my attention, but one to which I return again and again. Sometimes the view is so vast and so beyond anything I had ever imagined that my heart races to think of it, and I have only glimpsed some small part! What is clear is that there is perfect communication with all that is. I am not, I never could be, alone, separate, small, or helpless. I could never be stuck. I could never be confused or uncertain, or full of self doubt. All that is, is in my mind at all times, and when I am unaware it is, quite simply, because I do not wish to be aware.

I have practiced this diminished awareness for a long time and am resistant to the truth. I am broadening the scope of my conscious awareness a little at a time to allow my self to adjust and not become too fearful. The following exercises and the encouraging words from Jeshua, are opening my mind to the truth that is true always, and showing me a long forgotten vision. I have taught myself, through maintaining a very narrow perspective, that I am a small, separate being rising for a brief period to suffer awhile and then to die, and all the time I am in constant relationship with all of creation. I have simply chose to turn my awareness from all of that. Daily, I practice changing my focus, broadening my focus, and a little at a time, I allow into my awareness more and more of what I am. And what I am has always existed and always will.

Each time I have a thought that I am in trouble, that I cannot do something I want to do, that I wish, or that if only, I am further contracting my awareness. I am teaching myself that I am something I am not. Life offers me everything and I say. “Oh no, I only want this one little thing, maybe that little thing as well. Take from my vision everything else.” And the world complies because that is what I asked of it. And so I sit here, ruler of a vast kingdom, dressed in rags, hungry and cold and wishing I could be free from my prison of littleness, wishing others would stop hurting me and taking from me the little I had thought to claim.

In these following lessons Jeshua is offering me ways to take some small simple steps out of this prison. To take them I must first recognize I am imprisoned. Even in the brief moments when I feel prosperous and powerful, I am still imprisoned within the imagined boundaries I have set for my kingdom. If I do not recognize that I am always in communication with all of creation, I have imprisoned my mind.

I must also recognize that I have placed myself in this prison of lack and I hold the key to unlock the door. This means giving up my favorite crutch; blame. No one put me here. No one holds me here. Not the person who mistreated the little girl I was, not the boss who fired me back when, not a slow metabolism, or bacteria invading the body. If something makes an appearance in my kingdom it did not batter down the walls to do so; it came invited. I communicated the desire to experience its effect and so there it was. There is no other possibility. There is no way it just happened, or was done to me. Always and only I did it to myself because I wanted the experience.

It is essential that I take full responsibility because it is pretending that someone or something else is responsible that are the bars to my prison. I seem to change the view from the prison window from time to time as I allow into my awareness better, or worse, illusions, but even a pretty prison is still a prison. And shifting dramas can entertain only for so long. Holy Spirit, I am ready to stop pretending I am flotsam tossed upon the waves. I am ready to stop pretending I did not make this and have no way out of it.

Already I have begun to express this desire as I refuse to fall unresisting into ego fears as I have so often done in the past. I am willing to consider that I am not the flotsam being blown by an unknown wind, but rather that I am directing the wind. I ask for help in learning to accept my long denied responsibility. I will pay close attention to what I am bringing into my life. I ask that you show me the broader perspective. Please show me what I could be experiencing. I am ready and willing to be corrected. I am ready to quit playing small. I am ready to drop some new pebbles into my pool of awareness.

All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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