Lesson 8 Creating as Christ

Can I begin now, to drop a different pebble into the still and infinite clarity of the pool of awareness that is what is alive about me always?

What I learned
I am learning to recognize the pebbles I don’t want. I notice when I am holding thoughts of judgment, fear, suffering, anger and limits. I see the ripples that form when I hold those thoughts in my mind. They appear as the circumstances of my life. I am willing to stop dropping those pebbles into my mind. I see that it takes vigilance to stay aware of my thoughts. It takes practice to notice the thoughts that I no longer want and to let them go.

One way that I speed this process along is to practice active and conscious creation. I used to practice with things, that is, choosing to manifest abundance in the form of certain relationships, money, health. It was good practice and helped me to realize that the same power with which I made ill health and other forms of lack could be used to make their opposite. But this form of manifesting falls far short of potential.

I am learning to unify my purpose and this simplifies my process. My one purpose is to awaken from the dream of separation, so each thing in my life is for that purpose. It either points the way to salvation, or shows me the need for healing. Now, instead of practicing tossing in pebbles which represent a desire for more money, I am tossing in pebbles that represent a desire to experience the abundance of my true nature. Sometimes this manifests as money or other forms within my story and sometimes not. It doesn’t matter.

Lack of any kind is the result of separation thoughts, the belief that I am no longer whole and that something is missing. A new car is not going to make me whole. As I consciously choose thoughts of natural abundance, thoughts that remind me of my true nature, I begin to experience the ripples, or the effects of those beliefs. Just as entertaining thoughts of lack create a life which reflects lack in many ways, holding thoughts of abundance create an abundant life.

When I think of abundance as an aspect of Love, then I understand its true meaning and my mind opens to the many ways it is expressing in my life. I have an abundance of friends and the love and support that friendship brings. I have an abundance of love which is expressed through my friends and children, but also through perfect strangers. The world is reflecting back to me what I know to be the truth of my nature. When this abundance is not my experience, I know that I am experiencing the effect of mistaken beliefs.

The point is, I am not a victim of the world I see. I am a creator because my Father created me like Himself. If I am creating something which does not make me happy, I am free to use my power differently. I am free to drop into my pool of awareness a different pebble and experience the effects of that one. As I am learning to live consciously, I am also learning to ask my Holy Spirit for guidance about which pebbles I choose.

All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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