Lesson 7 The Shadow of Fear

So what do you want? Creation or mimicry? Peace or the ability to simply drug yourself with triviality?
Give the body to God. God knows how to use it; you do not.

The whole of creation is waiting to move through me,
and I want to be aware of it. I want my experience,
my lived consciousness, to be blissfully absorbed in
observing the flow of Love through me.

What I learned
In this section Jeshua talked about the tiny shadow of a blade of grass to help me understand the powerlessness of the ego separation belief. While in the experience of the illusion it is easy to allow the focus to become so contracted that I fail to see the bigger picture. Just as the shadow of a blade of grass cannot affect the turning of the planet, the illusion of separation cannot affect creation, no matter how intently I focus on it.

It seems to be important that I fully experience this life I imagine I am living. That is how I use it as a tool to awakening. However, that does not mean I will benefit from giving it power. There is no power in the shadow of the single blade of grass in the center of the forest on a planet in a universe. Unless I give it some value and name it as powerful. The only way anything in the illusion, even the illusion itself, gain power is if I place value on it and thus give it power.

The way to undo that error is to notice it is going on and to decide differently. Jeshua says that my resistance to healing is a result of fearing that shadow. I think that if I accept healing the shadow will punish and crush me, and that it is in recognizing the utter laughability of such a belief that I learn to master fear.

My granddaughter, who is nearly two, turned on my hairdryer and the sudden noise and blowing air scared her badly. She came running into my arms so that I would save her from what she had done. It was funny to me because I knew there was no danger, but very serious to her because she believed in the danger. As I held her I realized that this is no different than my reaction to what happens in the illusion. I do something that seems to create a frightening effect. Then I run to the Holy Spirit or to Jeshua and ask for comfort and safety.

They must feel just as I did when I was comforting my granddaughter. They know that I am utterly safe and that the scary incident was meaningless. Never the less, I receive the love and comfort I need and if I ask, the Holy Spirit helps me see the incident differently. Enough of these incidents and I begin to get the bigger picture. I am creating my own fear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Holy Spirit, I am willing to take a step back and allow you to show me how small and insignificant is this world of perceptions that I made.

Jeshua said: You will learn what it means to trust what is birthed of the heart. And you will arise and you will go forth without fear – with no story at all. You will accomplish whatever creativity wishes to express through you. And the whole while you will know that of yourself you do nothing, but the Father, through you, can do anything.

Could I be willing to give up my story and stop pretending that I, on my own, do and make? Could I be willing to know that there is no me, on my own? It is a little scary to think so. Holy Spirit, I am willing. 

All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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