Lesson 49 2021

Lesson 49

Watercolor by Lana Carolan

God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.

W-pI.49.1. It is quite possible to listen to God’s Voice all through the day without interrupting your regular activities in any way. 2 The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not. 3 It is the other part of your mind that functions in the world and obeys the world’s laws. 4 It is this part that is constantly distracted, disorganized and highly uncertain.

Do you recognize what an incredible lesson this is? There is a part of our mind that is in constant communication with God. This is true whether we are presently aware of it or not. We can choose to be aware of that communication if we want to do so. We can do that even while we are in the world. This morning we lost power. I couldn’t do any of my work on the computer and I couldn’t even read because it was still too dark to do so. Instead, I meditated. More or less. ~smile~

But then at some point, I had a thought that I needed to look at with the Holy Spirit and that thought led to another. I really did meditate at that point. There was nothing else I could do. I couldn’t really journal about it, and there was absolutely nothing that could distract me. I sat there in the dark and the quiet and I went within looking for the Light.

There were no words, really, and certainly not an audible Voice, but when I was through, I was at peace and I knew something significant had changed. That is what it is like to hear the Voice for God for me. If I ask for words, the words come later so that I can write about it, but the real gift is internal and words are not part of it.

W-pI.49.2. The part that is listening to the Voice for God is calm, always at rest and wholly certain. 2 It is really the only part there is. 3 The other part is a wild illusion, frantic and distraught, but without reality of any kind. 4 Try today not to listen to it. 5 Try to identify with the part of your mind where stillness and peace reign forever. 6 Try to hear God’s Voice call to you lovingly, reminding you that your Creator has not forgotten His Son.

Again, as I read this paragraph, I am amazed at what Jesus is telling us. The part of the mind that listens to that Voice is calm and at rest and wholly certain. That is a good description of how it felt this morning. As long as I pay more attention to that part of the mind, this is how I feel even when using the other part, the part that operates in the world.

It took me some time to more fully identify with the holy mind. It took practice and determination. I had to be vigilant for the times I was listening to the other mind and I had to learn that the truth could not be found there. Eventually, I got to where I could recognize the ego quickly and release those beliefs easily. Sometimes, like this morning, something catches my attention and I need to become still and move inward, move deliberately to the holy mind and reestablish my identity with that part of the mind.

W-pI.49.3. We will need at least four five-minute practice periods today, and more if possible. 2 We will try actually to hear God’s Voice reminding you of Him and of your Self. 3 We will approach this happiest and holiest of thoughts with confidence, knowing that in doing so we are joining our will with the Will of God. 4 He wants you to hear His Voice. 5 He gave It to you to be heard.

Jesus asked us to try to identify with the part of our mind where stillness and peace reign forever. Oh my, dear God, yes! There is nothing we can do that is more rewarding than establishing this habit. There is no way we can fail to do this. We are simply moving our attention from the ego part of our mind to the other part. It is already ours, a part of us, the only real part of us, so how could we fail. In so doing, we are joining our will with the Will of God. As Jesus says, He wants us to hear His Voice. He gave it to us to be heard.

W-pI.49.4. Listen in deep silence. 2 Be very still and open your mind. 3 Go past all the raucous shrieks and sick imaginings that cover your real thoughts and obscure your eternal link with God. 4 Sink deep into the peace that waits for you beyond the frantic, riotous thoughts and sights and sounds of this insane world. 5 You do not live here. 6 We are trying to reach your real home. 7 We are trying to reach the place where you are truly welcome. 8 We are trying to reach God.

Once again, Jesus is telling us that if we go deep into our mind, past the ego mind with its noise and its sick imaginings, we will find God. Yes, God is in us and we are in God. In spite of the illusion of being in a body in a hellish story of separation. If we are willing to follow his instructions, Jesus will help us go Home for at least a while. It is like taking a vacation from a stressful job, better than laying on the beach and drinking Mojitos in the sun, I promise. And instead of getting two weeks off, we can do this every day, as often as we want to.

W-pI.49.5. Do not forget to repeat today’s idea very frequently. 2 Do so with your eyes open when necessary, but closed when possible. 3 And be sure to sit quietly and repeat the idea for today whenever you can, closing your eyes on the world, and realizing that you are inviting God’s Voice to speak to you.

Even when we don’t have time to sit in quiet for our little vacations, we can still have the benefits of listening to the Voice for God. That is why Jesus wants us to practice this lesson by repeating today’s idea frequently. We are reminding ourselves that this Voice is in us and therefore for us. It will gift us with healing and happiness and unending peace if we will accept it.

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