Lesson 41

Lesson 41

God goes with me wherever I go.

Today’s idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness and abandonment all the separated ones experience. Depression is an inevitable consequence of separation. So are anxiety, worry, a deep sense of helplessness, misery, suffering and intense fear of loss.

The separated ones have invented many “cures” for what they believe to be “the ills of the world.” But the one thing they do not do is to question the reality of the problem. Yet its effects cannot be cured because the problem is not real. The idea for today has the power to end all this foolishness forever. And foolishness it is, despite the serious and tragic forms it may take.

Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world. It will cure all sorrow and pain and fear and loss because it will heal the mind that thought these things were real, and suffered out of its allegiance to them.

You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness because its Source goes with you wherever you go. You can never suffer because the Source of all joy goes with you wherever you go. You can never be alone because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. Nothing can destroy your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go.

We understand that you do not believe all this. How could you, when the truth is hidden deep within, under a heavy cloud of insane thoughts, dense and obscuring, yet representing all you see? Today we will make our first real attempt to get past this dark and heavy cloud, and to go through it to the light beyond.

There will be only one long practice period today. In the morning, as soon as you get up if possible, sit quietly for some three to five minutes, with your eyes closed. At the beginning of the practice period, repeat today’s idea very slowly. Then make no effort to think of anything. Try, instead, to get a sense of turning inward, past all the idle thoughts of the world. Try to enter very deeply into your own mind, keeping it clear of any thoughts that might divert your attention.

From time to time, you may repeat the idea if you find it helpful. But most of all, try to sink down and inward, away from the world and all the foolish thoughts of the world. You are trying to reach past all these things. You are trying to leave appearances and approach reality.

It is quite possible to reach God. In fact it is very easy, because it is the most natural thing in the world. You might even say it is the only natural thing in the world. The way will open, if you believe that it is possible. This exercise can bring very startling results even the first time it is attempted, and sooner or later it is always successful. We will go into more detail about this kind of practice as we go along. But it will never fail completely, and instant success is possible.

Throughout the day use today’s idea often, repeating it very slowly, preferably with eyes closed. Think of what you are saying; what the words mean. Concentrate on the holiness that they imply about you; on the unfailing companionship that is yours; on the complete protection that surrounds you.

You can indeed afford to laugh at fear thoughts, remembering that God goes with you wherever you go.



Of course, God goes with me wherever I go. We are inseparable. You will notice that Jesus asks us to go within past our dark thoughts. Then he says this: “It is quite possible to reach God. In fact it is very easy, because it is the most natural thing in the world.”  Do you get that? Go within and find God.That is why we are inseparable. We are part of God. We are God the Son. That is why there are no problems, no sadness, disillusionment, guilt, fear or death. There is only an illusion of this. Every problem I have ever had or could conceive of is because I think I could be separated from God, that I think I could go someplace without God. It is completely impossible and therefore, I have no problems.

In the illusion of a world that I have dreamed up, the place where I pretend that God cannot trespass, my problems seem very real and they are serious and in time they are tragic. But how could there be tragedy in God? And how could I, who am one with God experience anything not in God? Clearly, the world is not real and I am not in the world. That God goes with me wherever I go is the reason there is nothing my holiness cannot do. God is my holiness and God is in me as I am in God.

My creative imagination, which also comes from God, has made up this world that I envision. To borrow from the Buddhists, my mind is a clear blue sky and the clouds floating across it are my thoughts. When these thoughts are dark they obscure the sky but they cannot destroy the sky. In the same way, the thoughts of an existence opposite of God are obscuring what I am, but cannot change or destroy what I am.

The fact that I believed I had changed or destroyed God is the reason I have been afraid to have the obscuring clouds removed. It is a silly bit of reason, as if I could think away God and still exist. Just as God is Love, God is Life. If I were to actually separate from God, I would be separate from Life.

Jesus says that meditation will quicken my return to sanity and help me to move through the clouds to the clear sky behind them and this is why I have begun to discipline my mind toward that end. I am also releasing the dark thoughts to the Holy Spirit and doing so with ever increasing confidence that they are gone. I then replace them with true thoughts, knowing that because I want to awaken, the help I need is given me. As Jesus says: “Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world.” I would no longer suffer out of allegiance to these dark thoughts.

Past Entries
I feel lost to my Source behind these heavy clouds of ego thinking, the thoughts of fear and anger, of guilt and depression. The thoughts form images that I see and experience as if they are real and true and all there is. I think of the weekends when I spend my time with students and fellow mind healing partners, walking the path home with them, and how joyful and uplifting and even invigorating is this time. It is because I am closest to the Source of my being in these moments.

The mornings when I sit with these lessons and with the paragraph of the day from the Text, and I feel the presence of Jesus as he works within my heart, and the presence of the Holy Spirit as He works with my mind. These are precious moments when the obscuring clouds are thinner and Reality is closer. The moments during the day when I feel joy rise up through me and extend without my effort or direction, just there, healing me in its passage. These times, these moments of my life are moments when I have a felt experience of God with me, just a touch, a little bit of What Is, just enough that I have some tiny understanding of what Jesus is telling me in this lesson.

During those times it is like the sun peaks through the clouds and I can see clearly, then the clouds close around me again, and I think I feel drained of all energy and that I need to rest from all this “work” and maybe all I have the energy for is to watch TV or read a book. And so I make images of Myron feeling tired and listless, and images of people saying that maybe this is all too much, and how she should take a break and have some fun. And it is all so real, and I wrap their concern around me and revel in it for awhile.

Then I laugh! The ego mind is a sly thing, and it loves its thoughts and its dramas, and it can throw a heck of a pity party. It is good at sadness and sorrow and resentment. It is good at mimicking happiness disguised as excitement and pleasure, but it can’t sustain it, and it can’t pull off joy, and peace makes it antsy. It doesn’t know what it means to truly communicate, to create, to love.

I have cloaked myself in the obscuring clouds of ego so that I could have an experience of something else, but now I want to find God in me. I have thought that I walk the earth alone but God has always gone with me. I have felt anxious and helpless, but how could those be true feelings when I have never been separated from God. Always God has been here. I have been afraid and yet I see that it is only my own thoughts of separation that have frightened me, and it turns out that I am not separate from God. He goes with me wherever I go.

My mind is part of God’s; I am very holy. My holiness blesses the world. My holiness saves me from my insane thoughts of being separate from God. I am blessed as the Son of God, and He goes with me wherever I go. These thoughts light my world and burn away the clouds of ego nonsense. I look forward to a day of remembering Who goes with me. I look forward to a felt experience of knowing that God is with me.

Everything has Shifted

Between last year and now everything has shifted. I don’t relate to the downward swings I had before. I never feel completely lost to my Godness. Even when I am temporarily lost in the madness of the ego, I know what is happening and I begin the process of pulling myself out of the darkness. My overwhelming belief is that I am one with God and so, of course, He goes with me everywhere I go. I am so close to living that all the time.

For the last couple of days when I feel pain or uncertainty, or just when I notice ego attack thoughts running mindlessly through my awareness, the Holy Spirit has reminded me that this is all a choice. If I feel pain it is because I chose to feel pain. If I am uncertain, it is because I chose to be ignorant of the truth. All those ego thoughts, I chose to look at those. I can just as easily choose not to give them my attention.

What I have discovered these last couple of days is that this is true. I have not had an extreme situation yet, but many small ones and the practice has been consistently dependable. I am really working with this because I don’t want to lose it. I want to practice it enough to make it permanent, something I more than believe, something I know. I feel like everything is changing again.

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  1. When I read this lesson I get a teeny bit hung up on the word, “God” and, “He.” So I tried replacing it with Unity’s description which is Father/Mother God. That feels complete to me, not one sided. That feels loving and strong and feminine and caring and nurturing. I have trouble with only a male image that conjures up for me only male strengths leaving me, as a woman in this body, outside watching men have all the strength and women placidly waiting in the kitchen…so to speak. I know ego mind is in the creation of this complexity but the father/mother God brings me peace. When I did 5 minutes of this meditation this morning I felt supported and nurtured and cared about, lIke a child walking between her parents holding their hands. Intellectually I can see the lesson is true but I have a few seconds of peace and certainty today. Some days I wake up very early and I know with certainty the experience of fear from feeling alone, separate and unsupported this lesson talks about. I feel physical pain during that moment but when I get past that fear the physical pain disappears. Of course, then I wonder how did I do that and want to do it again. But I didn’t do that…Holy Spirit did it when I stepped aside. This is a great lesson I look forward to practicing all day. Thank you Holy Spirit for you guidance, thank you Jesus for your love and thank you Myron for your honest, in depth sharing and caring about us enough to do this daily “work.” I am grateful.

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