Lesson 33 2021

Lesson 33

There is another way of looking at the world.

W-pI.33.1. Today’s idea is an attempt to recognize that you can shift your perception of the world in both its outer and inner aspects. 2 A full five minutes should be devoted to the morning and evening applications. 3 In these practice periods, the idea should be repeated as often as you find comfortable, though unhurried applications are essential. 4 Alternate between surveying your outer and inner perceptions, but without an abrupt sense of shifting.

W-pI.33.2. Merely glance casually around the world you perceive as outside yourself, then close your eyes and survey your inner thoughts with equal casualness. 2 Try to remain equally uninvolved in both, and to maintain this detachment as you repeat the idea throughout the day.

W-pI.33.3. The shorter exercise periods should be as frequent as possible. 2 Specific applications of today’s idea should also be made immediately, when any situation arises which tempts you to become disturbed. 3 For these applications, say:

4 There is another way of looking at this.

W-pI.33.4. Remember to apply today’s idea the instant you are aware of distress. 2 It may be necessary to take a minute or so to sit quietly and repeat the idea to yourself several times. 3 Closing your eyes will probably help in this form of application.


I have a perfect opportunity to use this lesson today. My schedule for the week has filled up pretty fast. I generally try to keep some time open so that I can do my own work, and so that I can keep abreast of the courses I am doing with others. I was getting a little nervous about how I was going to make this work. Just in time, I received my first call and she was having the same problem. How perfect! I got a chance to teach what I most need to remember this morning.

I did what I suggested for my client. I noticed how I was feeling stressed and I asked the Holy Spirit to look at this with me and to show me another way to see this. This is exactly what the lesson is teaching us today. There is another way to see the world. I can see my schedule differently, and I can see my response differently.

Now, instead of thinking of my full schedule as a problem, I see it as a blessing. The Course tells us that our students are waiting for us. This means that everyone in our life who is supposed to show up will do so. Each appointment is precious because we are meant to do this work together. He tells us our life is not at random. All things are in our best interest and everything is a lesson He would have us learn. My schedule is absolutely perfect just as it is. This is seeing the outer world differently.

Now, instead of feeling stressed, I am at ease because I let the Holy Spirit heal my mind and my thoughts are now different. I am not thinking that I know what needs to happen. I am not thinking that feeling stressed is going to help the situation or that I must respond with stress. As Jesus tells us, we but do this to ourselves. I am responsible for my thoughts, my feelings, and my reactions. Thus, with these simple practices, I can change what is not working and I do this with the Holy Spirit. This is seeing my inner world differently.

For every upset, there is another way of looking at this.