Lesson 22 2021

Lesson 22 

What I see is a form of vengeance. 

W-pI.22.1. Today’s idea accurately describes the way anyone who holds attack thoughts in his mind must see the world. 2 Having projected his anger onto the world, he sees vengeance about to strike at him. 3 His own attack is thus perceived as self defense. 4 This becomes an increasingly vicious circle until he is willing to change how he sees. 5 Otherwise, thoughts of attack and counter-attack will preoccupy him and people his entire world. 6 What peace of mind is possible to him then? 

W-pI.22.2. It is from this savage fantasy that you want to escape. 2 Is it not joyous news to hear that it is not real? 3 Is it not a happy discovery to find that you can escape? 4 You made what you would destroy; everything that you hate and would attack and kill. 5 All that you fear does not exist. 

W-pI.22.3. Look at the world about you at least five times today, for at least a minute each time. 2 As your eyes move slowly from one object to another, from one body to another, say to yourself: 

3 I see only the perishable.
4 I see nothing that will last.
5 What I see is not real.
6 What I see is a form of vengeance.

7 At the end of each practice period, ask yourself: 

8 Is this the world I really want to see? 

9 The answer is surely obvious. 


To really understand this lesson, we must remember the earlier ones in which Jesus told us that the world is made up of our thoughts. We have thoughts of anger and hatred, thoughts of guilt and fear and these are the effect of these thoughts is the world we see. Even the best of the world, the beauty in nature, the kindness, the love, the happiness are all perishable. They will not last. 

Recently, we have been given an opportunity to see just how fearful and rageful our thoughts have been. Look around at the world with a pandemic, fires raging out of control, hurricanes stronger than ever, unimaginable division in our country, hatred expressed as racial tension and discrimination. None of this is real because none of this is in God and God is all there is. This is a manifestation of our beliefs and the cycle that has occurred as we attack and defend is truly awful. Something can be unreal and yet be tragic because what we believe is true for us whether it is true in reality or not. 

Is this the world we really want to see? If this is the world that we project from our thoughts, then it must be obvious that it is our thoughts that need to change. If there is something I can do in the story, some kindness, some loving expression, then I will do that, but where I focus my attention is on my thoughts. That is where change occurs.