The Three Step Process

The Three Step Process


Dan Joseph has a wonderful little book called Inner Healing. In it he describes a three step process for healing our thoughts, based on prinicpals from A Course in Miracles. This is the way he describes it:

• Acknowledging an inner block (any distressing thought or feeling) 
• Becoming willing to prayerfully release that block 
• Opening to an inner experience of divine comfort and peace. 
“It’s important to realize that these are just perceptions (or thoughts), and that God can inspire another perception.” (

I have been using this process for several years now, and I would not be exaggerating to say that it has changed my life. Becoming aware of my thoughts and taking notice of the ones that are creating conflict in my life was a real revelation. I had thought that I had a handle on this, but I was wrong. The more mindful of my thoughts I became, the more I realized what a mess they were. If thoughts are creative, I had been creating absolute chaos. I had gotten so used to it, that I was only vaguely aware of how miserable I was.

Being mindful is the first step, and absolutely essential, but it is not enough. From this awareness I am able to move into forgiveness which is the second step. I ask the Holy Spirit to look at the thought that is blocking my awareness to loves presence, and to correct my thinking. This is where the miracle takes place as my perception is changed. 

In the past this is where I had always made my error. I would look at the thought in need of correction, and then I would try to figure out a way to correct. It was like being lost in the woods and asking myself for directions out. To get out of the illusion, I need help from outside the illusion. By bringing my thoughts to the Holy Spirit, I get the help I need. My mind is changed. It is truly the miracle that A Course in Miracles is teaching us to achieve.

The third step is to allow myself to feel the love and comfort of God. I often need to remind myself to do this because I am a doing kind of person, and will skip over the feeling part. But the truth is, the third step is the point; it is the goal. I try to take a moment to move out of my head and into my feeling nature. I want to truly experience God’s love and peace.

This is my interpretation of this process. I really recommend that you read Dan Joseph’s book, Inner Healing to get a full appreciation of this wonderful healing practice. You can find it a . Also visit his website which is full of helpful lessons.

This is an example of how I have used the three step process in my life.

I overhear someone talking about me to someone else. I often use my emotions as an early warning sign. I feel angry, and threatened, and helpless to defend myself. 
What they are saying isn’t really true and I feel indignant. I notice that I am no longer peaceful and I begin examining my thoughts. My thoughts go something like this: Why are they saying this? I didn’t do anything to them. They are hateful. They make me feel so bad. I wish I wasn’t here. I am going to leave and never come back.

Now that I am aware of my thoughts I take them to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to look at them with me. I ask that He give me another way to see them. As I do so, I feel myself calming down. I start to remember that I am still as God created me; perfect and whole and completely unaffected by anything they say. I remember that they too, are perfectly created and unaffected by what they say. I am being given the opportunity to choose forgiveness, to choose to see the innocence rather than to make guilty. It is like a knot has in my chest has been loosened and I can once again breathe easily.

In my gratitude, I take a moment to feel God’s love and comfort. I have my peace back. 

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