C 1: I.Principles of Miracles, P 43

I. Principles of Miracles, P 43

43 Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or a state of miracle-readiness.


Miracles are mine when I am ready for them. I prepare my mind by noticing what needs correction and asking the Holy Spirit for that correction. This goes on all day long. I don’t go mining for ego thoughts. This has never been necessary. I just pay attention and ask for healing when I notice a need.

If it is not something from my mind, there are plenty of examples in books, movies, conversations with friends, the news and, of course, politics. What a great year this is for cleaning out the mind! You can’t go an hour without being reminded that people believe they are separate and have separate goals. They often believe that the only way they can be happy if they win, and do not often see that winning at the expense of others is not really winning. Election time is a perfect example of the separation idea.

I get to see what I believe in as I read or hear the election talk. Do I believe that I know what should happen and who should win the election? Do I believe in a world that hangs in the balance of an election? Do I believe my point of view is the right one and that I am somehow harmed if my imagined needs are not met, and my favored candidate does not win? I can talk a good talk, but do I notice my stomach knotting, my muscles tightening? Do I feel the urge to put my two cents in?

Even if I am not noticing any of those things, even if I see each candidate as a child of God, doing what they came here to do, playing the part we all need them to play in the grand scheme to experience separation and then awaken from that dream, even then, there is much for me to forgive. If someone else is having a bad dream about the election and I notice, it is my job to heal that thought in the mind.

I love that there is only one mind. How efficient it is that we can heal anything we notice. If you notice I am confused you can ask the Holy Spirit to heal your mind of that belief. It’s all the same. I have in my mind everything you have in your mind. We, each of us, have the responsibility and the opportunity to heal the mind that we are.

If I notice someone is confused and thinking with the ego, it is completely unnecessary for me to point this out to them and suggest they do something about it. I can just ask the Holy Spirit to heal that in my mind. It does not matter which direction the healing is coming from. If someone asks for help in seeing differently, I can offer words, but I will still ask that my mind be healed. If I am particularly attuned, my words will lead them to the Holy Spirit within and they can get the help they need.

No matter how I go about it, my job is to desire a healed mind and be willing to do my part. I notice what needs healing and ask for the healing. I really mean it. I want the healing more than I want the error. That’s it. That’s all I have to do. This is how the mind is purified, how it becomes ready for the miracle. It is so simple and so absolutely necessary if I want the miracle. I don’t have to do anything else because the miracle does not need my help. It simply arises from a mind that is ready for it.

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