C 1: III. Atonement and Miracles, P 1

III. Atonement and Miracles, P 1

1 I am in charge of the process of Atonement, which I undertook to begin. When you offer a miracle to any of my brothers, you do it to yourself and me. The reason you come before me is that I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case you fail temporarily. My part in the Atonement is the cancelling out of all errors that you could not otherwise correct. When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state, you naturally become part of the Atonement yourself. As you share my unwillingness to accept error in yourself and others, you must join the great crusade to correct it; listen to my voice, learn to undo error and act to correct it. The power to work miracles belongs to you. I will provide the opportunities to do them, but you must be ready and willing. Doing them will bring conviction in the ability, because conviction comes through accomplishment. The ability is the potential, the achievement is its expression, and the Atonement, which is the natural profession of the children of God, is the purpose.



I read through this once and I felt the, now familiar, almost overwhelming sense of gratitude toward Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for awakening, for setting into motion the process of Atonement and for cancelling out all the errors I can’t correct myself. Thank you for providing opportunities for me to work miracles and for directing me to those miracles. Thank you for having my back in those times when I slip back into the old way of thinking, for the times when I feel unworthy and those times when I am doubtful and uncertain.

The second time I read this I had the feeling that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have blended into one as I suppose we all will do as we are ready. The Holy Spirit has always been clearly defined in my mind as the Voice for God and Jesus was defined as the author of the Course and other books, the one of us who awakened and then stuck around to help us all awaken. He feels more like a person to me while the Holy Spirit feels more like a mechanism.

In this paragraph Jesus seems to be taking on the functions I gave the Holy Spirit. He says to listen to him and to allow him to undo error and correct it. I wonder if this is the Holy Spirit working through Jesus. I imagine Jesus is a completely clear channel now and so there is no self left to obstruct the flow. And maybe none of this is right and I cannot in my present state understand the pure truth. I suppose it doesn’t matter. I give names and functions because I still separate everything, and then give them labels to keep them separate. Jesus, I seem unable to stop separating everything. Maybe you will have to correct this for me.

The third time I read through this paragraph I was very aware of my responsibilities. I am to prepare my mind for working miracles so that when Jesus directs an opportunity to do so, I will be ready. I have been doing this. I watch my mind for thoughts and beliefs that will obstruct my vision and cause me to see the error rather than the truth. I give these to the Holy Spirit for correction. I accept His vision to the degree I am able. I stay in a state of love and devotion as much as I am able. I want to be miracle ready all the time.

I am vigilant, consistent, and persistent. When I am strongly distracted from the truth as I was recently with my son, I just keep at it. I feel the uncertainty and doubt and continue bringing it to Holy Spirit. I feel discouraged and fearful and continue bringing it to Holy Spirit. I sit and cry and shake all over, and I bring it to the Holy Spirit. This is my only job and I will do it with as little judgment as I can, but no matter what, I continue to do it.

My fear and doubt has evolved through acceptance into understanding and now into a new vision. When I think of Toby and his back I know that the injury and all the effects of that injury are as unreal as everything else in the illusion. He is healed because that is God’s Will. The ego keeps pointing at proof to the contrary but I am not interested.

The last time I read this paragraph this morning I returned to gratitude. I am grateful for my part in the Atonement. I am ready to continue preparing my mind. I am ready to be directed to whatever miracles I am to perform. I am ready to be a link in the chain of Atonement, to stand beside my brother and sister, holding a hand in each of mine, one strong and powerful chain of miracle workers.

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