C 1:II.Revelation, Time and Miracles, P 1

II. Revelation, Time and Miracles, P 1

1 Revelation induces complete but temporary suspension of doubt and fear. It reflects the original form of communication between God and His creations, involving the extremely personal sense of creation sometimes sought in physical relationships. Physical closeness cannot achieve it. Miracles, however, are genuinely interpersonal, and result in true closeness to others. Revelation unites you directly with God. Miracles unite you directly with your brother. Neither emanates from consciousness, but both are experienced there. Consciousness is the state that induces action, though it does not inspire it. You are free to believe what you choose, and what you do attests to what you believe.



Revelation is communication from God to us, or at least a reflection of that original communication. I can say very little about it because it has never happened for me. I have spoken to people who have had that experience and am told it is truly unspeakable. My friend told me that the love he felt was so overwhelming he could not imagine being able to sustain it while in the body.

I try to imagine what it is like to have a complete suspension of all doubt and fear even if it is temporary, and I cannot. Mostly, I’m not aware of a lot of doubt and fear, and yet, it is always there just beneath the surface. When my son had a reaction to a procedure and was in nearly unbearable pain, I got the chance to see just how near the surface that doubt and fear were. I got to see how intense that doubt and fear can be.

While buying my house and a problem cropped up I saw how quickly fear rose up in me, and this is a situation that is not that close to my heart. If I didn’t get the house, I would have just looked for another one, but I still experienced fear when the sale was threatened. Fear and doubt are in my mind and as long as they are, I will project stories to explain them away. “See, it is the house sale that’s causing my fear. As soon as the sale goes through, I’ll be happy again.”

Recognizing that kind of thinking, and genuinely asking for correction is the way we awaken. I notice that this has been an easy practice during the house purchase. I also saw that when my son was in pain I was frozen in my fear and lost all sense of the truth. All I wanted was my son to be ok. All the right words would pass through my mind but it was like they were wrapped in a thick fog and I could not catch their meaning. I saw guilt just under the fear and doubt, vast and awful. What a wonderful thing it will be when I am completely free of doubt and fear. How wonderful to know only love.

Revelation would be an extraordinary gift, but right now miracles might be more helpful. While revelation unites us with God, miracles unite us with our brother, and uniting with our brothers is the first step to returning home. Home is Wholeness, Oneness, and so cannot be experienced while we still yearn to be separate and unique individuals.

As long as we still value our separation we will be unable to let go of the illusion. When there was a problem with the sale of the house the first thing I did was decide if it was the realtor’s fault or the banks fault. How quickly I made use of separation! Obviously it still has great value to me. I still think I need someplace to put the blame when things go wrong. How can I truly join with my brother when I think that any minute I may need him to be my scapegoat? When I think of how easily I fall back into this kind of thinking, I realize the value of the miracle.

Both miracles and revelation occur in consciousness, but they do not originate there. Though we experience them within our story, they are inspired from outside the illusion. This reminds me that I cannot cause either revelation or miracles. I can do the work that prepares me to accept revelation and do the work that prepares me to be the conduit of the miracle, but I cannot make them happen with my ego will. I can work toward purification. I can choose to be in a state of love and devotion, and I can allow and accept.

The last sentence is helpful to me as I look at the evidence of doubt and fear in my mind. My first reaction is guilt that I have not done a better job of mind healing. I’m not surprised that ego goes straight to guilt, and I know that what comes from ego is never truth, but as I look at my life it seems to offer so much proof that I am guilty. But Jesus tells me that no matter what I see in my life, I am not guilty for it. I remain innocent.

In my perfect freedom as God’s Son, I can choose to believe anything I want to believe, and what I believe will manifest as my life. How handy, right? I don’t have to wonder how my life got into its present state. It is a reflection of the beliefs I hold in my mind. Why do I act as I do? I act according to my beliefs. This makes the solution clear. Choose different beliefs, experience a different life.

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