C 5: IV. Teaching and Healing, P 1

IV. Teaching and Healing, P 1

1 What fear has hidden still is part of you. Joining the Atonement is the way out of fear. The Holy Spirit will help you reinterpret everything that you perceive as fearful, and teach you that only what is loving is true. Truth is beyond your ability to destroy, but entirely within your ability to accept. It belongs to you because, as an extension of God, you created it with Him. It is yours because it is part of you, just as you are part of God because He created you. Nothing that is good can be lost because it comes from the Holy Spirit, the Voice for creation. Nothing that is not good was ever created, and therefore cannot be protected. The Atonement is the guarantee of the safety of the Kingdom, and the union of the Sonship is its protection. The ego cannot prevail against the Kingdom because the Sonship is united. In the presence of those who hear the Holy Spirit’s Call to be as one, the ego fades away and is undone.


We are afraid because we feel separate and alone. We are not. We are part of God and part of each other. This is as we were created and nothing can undo what God has done. Our Being is perfectly protected, because it is One. All suffering will end because suffering is not of God and so is not real, but we will continue to believe in our suffering and thus experience suffering until we change our mind.

We change our mind through accepting that we are not separate, but part of a Whole. The thing that seems to hang us up is that a whole means no one is left out. We tend to want to pick and choose the aspects of the Sonship we like and accept. It is a very costly tendency as it costs us the memory of God and the memory of our true existence as the Son of God.

I say I want to wake up, and right here in this paragraph, Jesus tells us that in the presence of those who hear the Holy Spirit’s Call to be as one, the ego fades away and is undone. So the question I must ask myself is, am I willing to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit’s call? Or am I going to hide out in my dream of separateness, desperately seeking some brother I can pretend is more of a sinner than me? “There, God, look at him. He’s the guilty one, not me.”

This is what I am doing each time I think someone is unworthy, every time I look at another of my brothers and think they are not someone I look at and think, “I cannot see the Christ in this one.” This is what I am doing each time I project my own stuff onto someone else and hope they will be seen as guilty instead of me. Every thought that seems to prove separation is real takes me deeper into the illusion. Crazy behavior for someone who claims to want happiness, and who claims that awakening is her only purpose.

Holy Spirit, I stand in the presence of your call to be as one. I do not flinch. I ask for the Atonement. I ask that You heal my mind of every thought that is not in agreement. I look forward to the experience of today. I wait in trust to see how it will unfold as I renew and strengthen my commitment to the Atonement.

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