C 5: III. The Guide to Salvation, P 2

III. The Guide to Salvation, P 2

2 The Holy Spirit is the idea of healing. Being thought, the idea gains as it is shared. Being the Call for God, it is also the idea of God. Since you are part of God it is also the idea of yourself, as well as of all His creations. The idea of the Holy Spirit shares the property of other ideas because it follows the laws of the universe of which it is a part. It is strengthened by being given away. It increases in you as you give it to your brother. Your brother does not have to be aware of the Holy Spirit in himself or in you for this miracle to occur. He may have dissociated the Call for God, just as you have. This dissociation is healed in both of you as you become aware of the Call for God in him, and thus acknowledge its being.


First, I am reminded that the Holy Spirit is an idea. It is the idea of healing and the idea of God. I know that I act like the Holy Spirit is a person in my mind. I call on Him to correct my thinking and heal my mind. But I am really calling on the Idea of God to do this for me. At first it was just more comfortable for me to think of the Holy Spirit as a Him because this was something I could relate to. Now as I begin to understand that everything is an idea, and as I realize that God is not what I thought It was, I don’t need for the Holy Spirit to be a He, but it is just a habit that I continue.

I don’t think it is important that I understand the Holy Spirit or God. I doubt I could anyway. What I know is that the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to guide me back to God through clearing the confusion from my mind. What is important for me to know is that the Holy Spirit is increased and strengthened as It is shared.

I share the Holy Spirit through being willing to see the Holy Spirit (God) in my brother in spite of his dreams of being little. When I do that, my mind is healed and it doesn’t matter if the other person is aware of what is going on or not. We both heal at the same time with no further effort or understanding on our part.

I share the Holy Spirit as I open my mind to guidance and then write about or tell others about my experience. I share the Holy Spirit with my sister in law when I look at her ravished body and know that it is meaningless. She is healed and her healing will wait for her until she is ready for it. I share the Holy Spirit when I notice I am judging someone and change my mind, allowing the Holy Spirit to heal more of the mind. I share the Holy Spirit in ways I am not even aware of as my willingness grows and the desire to share grows with it.

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