C 3: II. Miracles as True Perception, P 6

II. Miracles as True Perception, P 6

6 The way to correct distortions is to withdraw your faith in them and invest it only in what is true. You cannot make untruth true. If you are willing to accept what is true in everything you perceive, you let it be true for you. Truth overcomes all error, and those who live in error and emptiness can never find lasting solace. If you perceive truly you are canceling out misperceptions in yourself and in others simultaneously. Because you see them as they are, you offer them your acceptance of their truth so they can accept it for themselves. This is the healing that the miracle induces.



This is what I understand Jesus to be telling me. Often my eyes will seem to prove that there is something besides God, but this is untrue. In other words, don’t believe my eyes. And don’t bother trying to improve on the untrue, trying to make it true. This won’t work and will just keep me in hell longer. For instance, I know someone who is very depressed. I look at him and I see all the signs. I like this person very much and want to help.

The way I would help in the past is to see the problem, read all I could about it, looking for solutions, and then do what is most strongly recommended. Jesus is telling me that this is not going to work, that I cannot find solace by trying to make untruth true. What is untrue is that this person is depressed. He feels like he is depressed and acts like he is depressed, but he is in God and there is no depression in God, so he cannot be depressed. That is the truth about him.

To really help him I will know the truth. I will see him as he really is, free of his projections, and free of mine. I accept the truth for him because right now he cannot. If I hold to that truth it will help him to accept it for himself. Jesus says this is the healing the miracle induces. This can be very hard for me to do, by the way. I am used to believing what the eyes show me. I am not used to seeing past the illusions to the truth.

It helps me to remember that everything I see with the body’s eyes is a reflection of a thought. The mind believes something then projects that belief and uses the eyes to show them what the belief looks like. What I am trying to do is to remember that the reflection is not the truth. The thought that made the reflection is not the truth. There is only one truth: God created a perfect Son and that Son remains in His Father, a perfect creation.

The truth is in all of us, a light that is never extinguished. The stronger my memory of the truth, the brighter that light shines. When my memory is strong the light shines so brightly that it strengthens the light in other minds, and reminds them of who they are. That is how we wake each other up.

Have you ever been in a storm or some circumstance where the electrical power would fade in and out? The light bulb would dim and then brighten, then dim again until the electrical source stabilized. That is the picture I get of the light in my mind. Right now I go through periods when the light shines brightly and I know the truth and have no doubts. Then something triggers the untrue thoughts that are still in my mind, and the light dims and flickers.

When my light is strong, I have no trouble realizing the truth about my friend. The depression he experiences seems very real to him, but it is only a thought form. When the depression causes him to do something scary, something self-destructive, I begin to doubt the truth and my light flickers and fades and I start thinking there must be something I can do to help him, something I can say to him that will make it better, some medicine that will cure him.

Now I am in the dream with him trying to drag him to safety, but there is no safety in the dream. Truth is the only safety there is and there is no truth in the untrue. Sometimes when I am in this confused state I believe that if I try to give him the right spiritual direction that this will help him. But if I am telling him all the right words, but I am doing it because I believe in his illusion, then I am just allowing my ego to borrow the right words. It is still ego.

My depressed friend needs only one thing from me. He needs me to keep my Inner Eye on the truth so that I am not deceived by the body’s eyes. And if some action of his triggers my issues and I see that my focus has wavered, then this is an opportunity to heal what is in me that needs healing. This is the dance of awakening. I am grateful for the opportunity to shine a light for my brother and equally grateful for the opportunity this relationship gives me to strengthen that light.

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