C 2: V. The Function of the Miracle Worker. A. Special Principles of Miracle Workers P 11

A. Special Principles of Miracle Workers P 11

11 (1) The miracle abolishes the need for lower-order concerns. Since it is an out-of-pattern time interval, the ordinary considerations of time and space do not apply. When you perform a miracle, I will arrange both time and space to adjust to it.


I love that Jesus just said that time and space are lower order concerns. ~smile~ I have never really thought of it just that way, but of course it must be true. Time and space are just part of the illusion and have no reality. I think I will remind myself of this by meeting any concerns I have about time and space with the thought that they are just lower order concerns and not rigid and inflexible.

I have proven this to myself in the past, but I see now that I act like those moments were “special” and that there is a limit on the number of miracles I can expect so I should use them sparingly, and not waste them on little things. I see the error in that kind of attitude. The more I expect time and space to bend to my needs, the less I will believe in it. I have frequently seen time expand to accommodate my writing in the morning.

I will need to finish at a certain time and even though it doesn’t seem possible, I will do so and with no stress or concern about passing time. In fact, when I write with Spirit I often experience it as if it is a meditation and time and space disappear for me. The first time this happened it was quite startling, and I excitedly told everyone about it. Now I do it without the surprise, but with the same gratitude.

Another way I experience time and space yielding to the miracle is when I forgive a person or situation after it has happened. I can be in the middle of an argument, for example, and if I become aware of what I am doing, I can stop, forgive it, and return to peace. Sometimes, though, I am too deep into ego and I continue.

Later, when I return to sanity I will probably feel miserable about the whole thing, regretful and anxious. I simply stop, forgive it and return to peace. I expect that, having given it to the Holy Spirit and asked that my mind be healed, that He will undo all the consequences of my wrong decision.

It does not matter how long ago this happened. I have forgiven retroactively things that happened when I was a child. I wrote about some of these in a book I recorded for Pathways of Light called Healing Family Relationships. It is remarkable how perfectly forgiveness works and how little time and space matter.

I have had this experience with grievances that I have held for years, grievances against others or myself that are so painful or so shameful that I could hardly stand to think of them. And yet, after the forgiveness process I am free of the pain and can speak and write of them easily. They lose their sting and become just good examples of how forgiveness works. What a miracle that is!

I am going to add an excerpt from my audio book, Healing Family Relationships, as an example of this kind of retroactive forgiveness. In this example I was able to forgive my mom and in forgiving her, I forgave myself. Years of regret and recriminations fell away as if they had never happened. This happened after my mom had Alzheimer’s and was unavailable to me in the normal way.

At one time I would have lived in regret that I did not do this while she and I could still communicate, but by this time I understood that speaking with words, face to face, is the lesser kind of communication. I also understood that the miracle was not curtailed by time and space. Even knowing that, it was awesome to experience the healing.

From Healing Family Relationships.

Forgiving Mom

At some point I decided that I needed to forgive the grievance I was holding against Mom. It took a few tries because in forgiving the situation I was going to have to give up using Mom as the scapegoat for my sins, which meant I would have to take full responsibility for my life. This was very scary for me because it was my inability to be a “good” mother that caused me the most guilt and pain in my life. What would I do if I had no one else to share the blame? I felt like I would drown in it.

What made the difference for me was that I wanted to be free more than I wanted to be the innocent victim. So eventually I was able to ask with complete sincerity for help to see differently. I asked the Holy Spirit to look at this situation with me. This meant that I had to look with total honesty. I had to look at the rage I felt at my mother for the part I saw her playing in this. It is not a pretty thing to see my darker side and I resisted this for quite awhile. Who wants to face their own murderous desires? I think it is particularly hard when it is a parent because our parents are our stand- in for God. So it feels just like the original error being replayed again.

I had to look at my part in the situation and see that I wanted to set this up to make someone else guilty and to make myself appear innocent. That was not any easier. I really had to get naked here, take off my spiritual cloak and see my underlying desire to set up a situation to prove my innocence at my mom’s expense and then to cover it all in denial so that I could pretend I had nothing to do with it.

Convincing myself to be honest was the hardest part. Once I made that decision to be willing to see differently it was not as painful as I had anticipated. I did experience strong feelings of self hatred and guilt, but I knew I was not alone and that the Holy Spirit was looking with me. I became willing to turn my mind from the idea that my mom’s demands caused this disturbing situation; I remembered that I am the source of my experience. This is always, wholly, and completely the truth; under no circumstances is it not true. I am the source of all I experience.

Through my willingness to forgive, I was able to feel compassion for the young and frightened mother I was rather than feeling guilt and contempt for myself. I saw then that with this healing, there was no guilt within me to project onto my mom, and I felt compassion for her, too. She was only doing the best she could, just as I was doing the best I could. Rather than berating myself for my mistakes and blaming my mom for how I had turned out, I was able to see that she and I had much the same issues and that we spent this lifetime working on them together.

I finally began to feel deep gratitude and love for my mom and now I can’t wait to have a good laugh with her over all the years I held onto that silly grievance. I didn’t talk myself into this attitude, or reason myself into it. I just made room for the truth with my willingness to be wrong and to accept the Holy Spirit’s help.

We have looked at the idea that we are completely responsible for everything that we experience. We see that we chose our parents and that we deliberately choose to set up our own victim stories. We see that the reason for this is so that we can keep our ego intact, and thus keep our separated, unique, individual self identity. We see that separation promotes guilt, fear, hatred, and depression. I wonder why I hold onto to it like I do. It hardly seems worth it.

We also see that the way to correct the situation is through forgiveness. It is necessary that we forgive ourselves for choosing the ego, and that we forgive others for the projection of this separation choice that we place on them. The easiest way I know to do this is to simply notice the effects of separation when they show up in my life, then look at it with the Holy Spirit.

I am willing to forgive myself for the error and so the Holy Spirit gives me a new way to look at it. I can then look at the one who mirrored this for me and forgive my projection onto them. I will be able to see this person differently if I do this, to see this person as innocent. Seeing the innocence of whoever I am working with at the moment will remind me that I am innocent as well. What a lovely circle of forgiveness and healing this is.

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