ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 82, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 82 The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. And Let me not forget my function.

ACIM Daily Lesson 82

ACIM Daily Lesson 82

Lesson 82

We will review these ideas today:

1. (63) The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

²My forgiveness is the means by which the light of the world finds expression through me. ³My forgiveness is the means by which I become aware of the light of the world in me. ⁴My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself. ⁵Let me, then, forgive the world, that it may be healed along with me.

2. Suggestions for specific forms for applying this idea are:

²Let peace extend from my mind to yours, [name].
³I share the light of the world with you, [name].
⁴Through my forgiveness I can see this as it is.

Forgiving the World

We are each aspects of the Oneness. This means that we share the same mind. So when we forgive anyone, that forgiveness is expressed throughout the mind. In our forgiveness, we bring peace to the one mind. We bring peace to the world since the world is in our mind. As we are healed, the world is healed. In forgiving the world what becomes clear to me is that there is no world. It is just another thought in the mind that is being projected outward so it can be seen by the body’s eyes.

How I see the manifest world depends on how I think about it. For instance, if I think that people are untrustworthy then the world will give me what I want. Maybe it will show up as being cheated or stolen from. Or maybe I will have the experience of being abandoned. What I know for sure is that I will find what I look for. This is because the world is a projection of the thoughts in my mind.

I know this is true because this was my life before I began my forgiveness work. Now it is not. As I forgive, instead of seeing untrustworthy people, I see confused people who need love. It makes me happy to extend love to them. I am happy to extend peace because now there is more light in the mind we all share. I experience this as more light in my mind because giving is receiving.

My Function

3. (64) Let me not forget my function.

²I would not forget my function, because I would remember my Self. ³I cannot fulfill my function if I forget it. ⁴And unless I fulfill my function, I will not experience the joy that God intends for me.

4. Suitable specific forms of this idea include:

²Let me not use this to hide my function from me.
³I would use this as an opportunity to fulfill my function.
⁴This may threaten my ego, but cannot change my function in any way.

Mostly, I don’t forget my function. One thing I want to do more consistently is to be aware of my union with everyone. With each person I see or speak to or even think of I want to remember that we are all aspects of the Oneness. Thus, we are all one. If there is a conflict or a judgment, I notice that but otherwise, I might not think of it.

What I don’t forget is that all grievances must be forgiven and so I do that. I do it because I want to remember Who I am. My ego doesn’t like it all that much, but I have learned to love it. I know that I am succeeding at this even though I am not consistent yet. I know because I have started to feel so much love for people! It is a wonderful way to live.

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