ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 80, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 80 Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

Let me recognize my problems have been solved. ACIM Lesson 80

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

ACIM Lesson 80

Lesson 80

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

1. If you are willing to recognize your problems, you will recognize that you have no problems. ²Your one central problem has been answered, and you have no other. ³Therefore, you must be at peace. ⁴Salvation thus depends on recognizing this one problem, and understanding that it has been solved. ⁵One problem, one solution. ⁶Salvation is accomplished. ⁷Freedom from conflict has been given you. ⁸Accept that fact, and you are ready to take your rightful place in God’s plan for salvation.

This is so simple and so perfect! I seem to have a problem in the world. I remember that the problem doesn’t begin in the world. The source is in my mind. So, I stop trying to manipulate the world to give me a more preferred outcome. Instead, I look within at my thoughts and I ask the Holy Spirit to correct them. Now with the obstacles out of the way, I discover that the solution was already there.

It was right in my mind where the problem existed. In other words, the problem was already solved, I was just looking in the wrong direction. When I look outward for a solution all I find is the effects of the cause. When I look inward, I find the only problem I have. I think I am separated from God and the solution is also right there. I am not and never have been separated from my Creator. One problem, one solution, as long as I accept it.

My Only Problem Has Been Solved. I Am Entitled to Peace.

2. Your only problem has been solved! ²Repeat this over and over to yourself today, with gratitude and conviction. ³You have recognized your only problem, opening the way for the Holy Spirit to give you God’s answer. ⁴You have laid deception aside, and seen the light of truth. ⁵You have accepted salvation for yourself by bringing the problem to the answer. ⁶And you can recognize the answer, because the problem has been identified.

3. You are entitled to peace today. ²A problem that has been resolved cannot trouble you. ³Only be certain you do not forget that all problems are the same. ⁴Their many forms will not deceive you while you remember this. ⁵One problem, one solution. ⁶Accept the peace this simple statement brings.

Yesterday, I thought I had a problem with my son but as it turns out, the only problem I had was an attachment to a story. I thought his story should take the path I had laid out for him. Ha! Isn’t that ridiculous? Why did I think that you might ask? Well, I wondered that, too. Holy Spirit reminded me that it was because I thought I was separate from God.

One Problem, One Solution

And so, I thought that this manifested world was real. My body was real. My son’s body was real. The situation was real. The solution was that none of that was real because I am still as God created me and in Him eternally. There is no world in God, no bodies in God, and there are no problems in God. Understanding the problem, I understood the answer. One problem, one solution. I accept peace. I am determined to remember this solution.

Close Your Eyes and Receive Your Reward

4. In our longer practice periods today, we will claim the peace that must be ours when the problem and the answer have been brought together. ²The problem must be gone, because God’s answer cannot fail. ³Having recognized one, you have recognized the other. ⁴The solution is inherent in the problem. ⁵You are answered, and have accepted the answer. ⁶You are saved.

5. Now let the peace that your acceptance brings be given you. ²Close your eyes, and receive your reward. ³Recognize that your problems have been solved. ⁴Recognize that you are out of conflict; free and at peace. ⁵Above all, remember that you have one problem, and that the problem has one solution. ⁶It is in this that the simplicity of salvation lies. ⁷It is because of this that it is guaranteed to work.

When I close my eyes in acceptance and gratitude, I feel peace flow through me. It feels so wonderful I want to cry. It is such a relief to know that I am indeed safe in God. That my only problem has been solved and just waits for my acceptance is such a peaceful thought. Thank you, Jesus, for this lesson and for the reminder that God’s answer cannot fail. It is guaranteed to work.

I Will Not Deceive Myself Today

6. Assure yourself often today that your problems have been solved. ²Repeat the idea with deep conviction, as frequently as possible. ³And be particularly sure to apply the idea for today to any specific problem that may arise. ⁴Say quickly:

⁵Let me recognize this problem has been solved.

7. Let us be determined not to collect grievances today. ²Let us be determined to be free of problems that do not exist. ³The means is simple honesty. ⁴Do not deceive yourself about what the problem is, and you must recognize it has been solved.

I have thought all my life that I knew what my problems were. I also thought that I knew how to solve them, or at least I thought I should solve them. None of that is true. It is important that I practice this with great vigilance! I need to form a new thought habit. I know how to do that. Each time I have a thought about a problem or a possible problem, I know what to do. I just remind myself that this problem has been solved and let peace flow over me again.

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