ACIM Workbook Lesson 315, Year 2021

ACIM Lesson 315 All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

Each day a thousand treasures come to me with every passing moment. I am blessed with gifts throughout the day, in value far beyond all things of which I can conceive.

Thank you for the many gifts.

Thank you for the many gifts.

All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

1. Each day a thousand treasures come to me with every passing moment. ²I am blessed with gifts throughout the day, in value far beyond all things of which I can conceive. ³A brother smiles upon another, and my heart is gladdened. ⁴Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy, and my mind receives this gift and takes it as its own. ⁵And everyone who finds the way to God becomes my savior, pointing out the way to me, and giving me his certainty that what he learned is surely mine as well.

2. I thank You, Father, for the many gifts that come to me today and every day from every Son of God. ²My brothers are unlimited in all their gifts to me. ³Now may I offer them my thankfulness, that gratitude to them may lead me on to my Creator and His memory.

Love in Action

I love when I read about someone receiving unexpected help. For instance, like the woman who walked miles to work every day because she couldn’t afford a car. Someone noticed and cared and gave her a car. Those kinds of stories give me so much joy. They are love in action. I read about a father who gave up his life as he rescued his drowning children. Once again, love in action.

Sometimes this active love is more subtle and never makes the headlines but touches me just as much. I see my daughter giving her time and energy to her daughter even when she is tired and frustrated. I see my neighbor walking through our neighborhood doing little favors for people who need her. She often just takes care of things and walks away without anyone noticing. The world is full of love heroes whether we notice or not.

Love Is Everywhere, Don’t You Notice?

When someone is upset with me and I look past the attack to the sweet being they truly are, I am his gift and he is mine. We each played a part in that opportunity to share love. I don’t need anyone to know it happened, not even the person who thought I was his enemy. It is enough that love flowed from me. That love flows both ways.

I went to a neighborhood café to pick up a lunch today. I was standing in line waiting my turn to be served. A kind woman noticed an elderly man patiently waiting for me to move ahead so he could sit down. I realized what was happening when she squeezed past me. She took his walker and made room for him to sit. When she walked back our eyes met and we smiled at each other, both happy that this man was taken care of. Truly, there is love everywhere if we care to notice.

Sharing the Strength of Forgiveness

Similarly, one act of love stands out to me every time. This is when one of us becomes aware of a belief that causes suffering and chooses to forgive it. It is as if forgiveness has become stronger in the mind. Likewise, suffering has been weakened. This exchange in energy has now become available for all of us and makes our shifts easier to accomplish. I say it is “as if,” but maybe it simply is exactly like this. However it works, it is a beautiful gift and benefits the entire Sonship.

So Grateful

I am truly grateful for all God’s gifts and for all the gifts my brothers make available to me every day. I am grateful to those who make me laugh and as well to those whose love brings tears to my eyes. As well, I am grateful to everyone for doing the best they can. I am also grateful for their forgiveness when I fail to act in a loving manner. I am even grateful for the ones who poke at my wounded self. After all, how would I know that something needed healing if it didn’t hurt. How could we fail to wake up when we have so many opportunities, and so much help, so much love.

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