ACIM Workbook Lesson 303, Year 2021

ACIM Lesson 303 The holy Christ is born in me today.

1. Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. ²Let all God’s holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with me while Heaven’s Son is born.

angel art black and white clouds Watch with me, angels, watch with me today.
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The holy Christ is born in me today.

1. Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. ²Let all God’s holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with me while Heaven’s Son is born. ³Let earthly sounds be quiet, and the sights to which I am accustomed disappear. ⁴Let Christ be welcomed where He is at home. ⁵And let Him hear the sounds He understands, and see but sights that show His Father’s Love. ⁶Let Him no longer be a stranger here, for He is born again in me today.

2. Your Son is welcome, Father. ²He has come to save me from the evil self I made. ³He is the Self that You have given me. ⁴He is but what I really am in truth. ⁵He is the Son You love above all things. ⁶He is my Self as You created me. ⁷It is not Christ that can be crucified. ⁸Safe in Your Arms let me receive Your Son.

I Am Transfixed

I was not truly inspired to write about this so I went back to past writings to see what I said. This is the one that feels most true for me.

I am so deeply touched by this beautiful lesson that I hardly know what to say. I am transfixed by the idea of birthing Christ within me today. As I read it, my hand went to my heart, my mind to the center of my being. He is what I really am in truth. Yesterday, I received a message answering a question that was in my heart.

Preparing a Home for Christ

I wondered what else I needed to do to awaken. The message I received said this: “You are in complete control of everything. Just let go of your desires to be anything less than what you are and move forward into the light.” Today, I read this lesson and contemplate this extraordinary intention to prepare a home for Christ and welcome Him to be born again in me today. I can’t remember how I used to spend my time before I knew who I was.

I Used to Struggle with Believing in Myself

I also found a message I received when I was still struggling with believing in my self. Here is part of that message.

This is the most beautiful lesson. I cried when I read it. I hardly know what to say after this. What could I add? I will say only that I am willing to allow the Christ to be born in me today. I am willing to set aside, with the Holy Spirit’s help, all that I have chosen that is not the Christ so that the Christ can rise in me and take Its proper place. I am willing to welcome the Christ and prepare His place by continuing my daily practice, and by renewing my vigilance for those thoughts not in alignment with truth for as long as I need to. I am willing to be what I really am in truth.

What Would You Have Me Know, Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit: Do not be afraid to accept the truth about yourself. Claim your grandeur without hesitation, and without fear. The ego mind will argue for your smallness and will call you arrogant and foolish. Do not listen to this voice. When I guide you to say a thing, or do a thing, do not doubt it or question it. The ego will say, “Who are you to think you can do this thing?” There is nothing above you, Child of God.

It is not the ego in your mind that claims these gifts, but the Truth. It is your True Self; it is God through you that does all things. You do not fully accept this identity yet, and this is why you must allow Me to guide you, and why you must allow Me to work through this body as you because I am you.

You are not without help as your mind makes this transition. God’s angels do truly surround you. If you knew the help you have you would laugh at the ego’s doubts and fears. When you fully accept your True identity you will have no doubts or fears. In the meantime, listen to My Voice. Ask Me many times during the day what I would have you do. Accept my direction in full confidence that what I give you to do you can do.

This is a message for us all.

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