ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 131, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 131 No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. ACIM Lesson 131

No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

ACIM Lesson 131

Lesson 131

No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

1. Failure is all about you while you seek for goals that cannot be achieved. ²You look for permanence in the impermanent, for love where there is none, for safety in the midst of danger; immortality within the darkness of the dream of death. ³Who could succeed where contradiction is the setting of his searching, and the place to which he comes to find stability?

2. Goals that are meaningless are not attained. ²There is no way to reach them, for the means by which you strive for them are meaningless as they are. ³Who can use such senseless means, and hope through them to gain in anything? ⁴Where can they lead? ⁵And what could they achieve that offers any hope of being real? ⁶Pursuit of the imagined leads to death because it is the search for nothingness, and while you seek for life you ask for death. ⁷You look for safety and security, while in your heart you pray for danger and protection for the little dream you made.

Achieving Specialness

We made this dream world in the hope of achieving specialness. I suppose that what we make we love and protect. When reading about this, I always think about my writing. I probably have every scrap of writing I have ever done somewhere on this computer. Even when the writing is bad or useless, even when I have written a better version of the same thing, I keep it. It is my creation and without thinking about it, I protect it from the delete button. Now that I am aware of what I am doing, one of these days I may go through and use that button.

I suppose me hoarding my writing is a good metaphor for what we have done with the world. Who knew that seeking specialness would also give us war and conflict of all sorts, and pain? Our search has led to sickness, every imaginable form of suffering, and ultimately, death. I wonder if we anticipated the absence of God and the loss of Self? And yet, like a bad piece of writing, we continue to protect it. But just as I have taken notice of the uselessness of bad writing, I have also realized that the world of our dream is not worth protecting.

Vigilant for Defensiveness

I’ve learned to be vigilant for ways I am still defending this dream of life. I’ve gotten very good at it and have chosen to release many of those defenses. I do this not as a sacrifice but because I see the lack of value. I have willingly given up trying to raise my status through any means. More money, more prestige, more respect have not brought me happiness. They didn’t bring me to reality, to my Self, nor did they awaken a memory of my Creator. These ideas are useless to me.

Learning what love means has taken longer. I had a dream that one of my children was in mortal danger. Even to dream that I would outlive my child woke me in a cold sweat. I would tell you that this is because of my love for this child but is that really love. She came to the world for a reason as did we all. Wouldn’t love want my children to have the experience they chose? Real unconditional love is hard to come by in this dream world. Jesus says there is none here. I can believe that. Why would I want to defend against the loss of a loveless world?

Searching Is Inevitable

3. Yet searching is inevitable here. ²For this you came, and you will surely do the thing you came for. ³But the world can not dictate the goal for which you search, unless you give it power to do so. ⁴Otherwise, you still are free to choose a goal that lies beyond the world and every worldly thought, and one that comes to you from an idea relinquished yet remembered, old yet new; an echo of a heritage forgot, yet holding everything you really want.

4. Be glad that search you must. ²Be glad as well to learn you search for Heaven, and must find the goal you really want. ³No one can fail to want this goal and reach it in the end. ⁴God’s Son can not seek vainly, though he try to force delay, deceive himself and think that it is hell he seeks. ⁵When he is wrong, he finds correction. ⁶When he wanders off, he is led back to his appointed task.

A Quest

We came here on a quest, searching for something and so we must do this. But the world cannot dictate what it is we search for. We can search for worldly success in some form, we can make another senseless attempt to salvage what we have made. Or we can search for Heaven. Those are our two choices and we must do one or the other.

I began by trying to make the dream work for me but evidently, this is the lifetime in which I make a different choice. Those early years of trying and failing were essential to remind me that trying to remediate the world is a lost cause. This is the lifetime that I found A Course in Miracles and have stuck with it all these years. I have decided that it is time to awaken from the dream.

You Will Find Heaven

5. No one remains in hell, for no one can abandon his Creator, nor affect His perfect, timeless and unchanging Love. ²You will find Heaven. ³Everything you seek but this will fall away. ⁴Yet not because it has been taken from you. ⁵It will go because you do not want it. ⁶You will reach the goal you really want as certainly as God created you in sinlessness.

For someone who wants the world to exist and the stories to be real and current, this paragraph will not be welcome news. But I’m done with the world. I am ready to return home so this is the best news imaginable. It tells me that I cannot fail to find Heaven even though at times I cannot succeed. I am so glad to know that all the useless journeys will come to an end and that I will have lost nothing. God created me sinless and so sinless I must be. He created me as part of His Autonomy and so I remain.

Why Wait for Heaven?

6. Why wait for Heaven? ²It is here today. ³Time is the great illusion it is past or in the future. ⁴Yet this cannot be, if it is where God wills His Son to be. ⁵How could the Will of God be in the past, or yet to happen? ⁶What He wills is now, without a past and wholly futureless. ⁷It is as far removed from time as is a tiny candle from a distant star, or what you chose from what you really want.

Time is part of the illusion we made up. In God, there is no time. There is no past where we abandoned God. There is no future where we have suffered enough to appease God and are accepted into Heaven. All of this is just part of the dream. We cannot fail to reach Heaven because it is in us. There is a place within us that is in perfect peace and has always been as God created it. Because Heaven is within, it is available to us now. No great quest is necessary, only the desire for it and the acceptance of it.

God Does Not Suffer Conflict

7. Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made and all its ways; its shifting patterns and uncertain goals, its painful pleasures and its tragic joys. ²God made no contradictions. ³What denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him. ⁴He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and earth the other’s sorry outcome which is Heaven’s opposite in every way.

8. God does not suffer conflict. ²Nor is His creation split in two. ³How could it be His Son could be in hell, when God Himself established him in Heaven? ⁴Could he lose what the Eternal Will has given him to be his home forever? ⁵Let us not try longer to impose an alien will upon God’s single purpose. ⁶He is here because He wills to be, and what He wills is present now, beyond the reach of time.

What Is Not of God Does Not Exist

Heaven is the only reality and so our only real choice. What is not of God does not exist and God does not contradict Himself. We who are created as an extension of God cannot be anywhere He did not place us. Therefore, we cannot be in this hellish world. We can only be dreaming of it and it is time to awaken from this nightmare. We are in God right now because that is His Will.

One night, I was having a pretty cool dream that I was enjoying. Suddenly right in the middle of it I started waking up. I tried to go back to the dream because I didn’t want to leave it but alas, I was awake. In a few minutes I had forgotten what the dream was all about and only had a vague memory of something interesting happening.

I wouldn’t have wanted to stay asleep, really. I had things to do, places to go. This is what is happening in my waking dream. I have lost interest in dreaming and want to wake up to my real life in God. What I am experiencing now are the dregs of the dream. It is that moment of waking up where one feels some lingering desire to finish the dream, to see what happens next. But the more awake I become, the less interest I have in it.

Leaving Foolish Thoughts Behind

9. Today we will not choose a paradox in place of truth. ²How could the Son of God make time to take away the Will of God? ³He thus denies himself, and contradicts what has no opposite. ⁴He thinks he made a hell opposing Heaven, and believes that he abides in what does not exist, while Heaven is the place he cannot find.

10. Leave foolish thoughts like these behind today, and turn your mind to true ideas instead. ²No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth, and it is truth we seek to reach today. ³We will devote ten minutes to this goal three times today, and we will ask to see the rising of the real world to replace the foolish images that we hold dear, with true ideas arising in the place of thoughts that have no meaning, no effect, and neither source nor substance in the truth.

It Could Only Be a Dream

Logically it makes no sense to believe in the world. There is no opposite to God and so no will but His. He does not will that His Son suffer nor does He will to be without His Son. Therefore, it cannot happen. A dream is the only alternative explanation for this experience. We wanted specialness, and God, being Love, could not give it to us. So, we decided to dream of specialness. Since nothing but a dream is happening, we can wake up whenever we decide to do so.

Maybe now would be a good time. Or maybe the mind needs a little time to adjust to the idea. We made up time as a way to have this experience, but the Holy Spirit will use it as a way to gently awaken us from the dream. A Course in Miracles spends half its time helping us see that the dream is really a nightmare. The other half is spent helping us understand there is no loss in waking up, but rather there is a loving Father waiting to greet us.

Our Practice

11. This we acknowledge as we start upon our practice periods. ²Begin with this:

³I ask to see a different world, and think a different kind of thought from those I made. ⁴The world I seek I did not make alone, the thoughts I want to think are not my own.

⁵For several minutes watch your mind and see, although your eyes are closed, the senseless world you think is real. ⁶Review the thoughts as well which are compatible with such a world, and which you think are true. ⁷Then let them go, and sink below them to the holy place where they can enter not. ⁸There is a door beneath them in your mind, which you could not completely lock to hide what lies beyond.

Today’s meditation is an example of the Holy Spirit using time to gently awaken us. We are not asking to be jerked from this long dream. We are just asking to see a different world and to think different thoughts. That is not threatening, is it? We look for a while with Jesus at our ego thoughts that we have believed were true. In this way, they are corrected and we can let them go. Then we can sink below ego thinking and find the door into the real world.

Angels Light the Way

12. Seek for that door and find it. ²But before you try to open it, remind yourself no one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. ³And it is this request you make today. ⁴Nothing but this has any meaning now; no other goal is valued now nor sought, nothing before this door you really want, and only what lies past it do you seek.

13. Put out your hand, and see how easily the door swings open with your one intent to go beyond it. ²Angels light the way, so that all darkness vanishes, and you are standing in a light so bright and clear that you can understand all things you see. ³A tiny moment of surprise, perhaps, will make you pause before you realize the world you see before you in the light reflects the truth you knew, and did not quite forget in wandering away in dreams.

The imagery in this meditation is beautiful and compelling. I am sure it is designed to lead us into an experience.

You Cannot Fail Today

14. You cannot fail today. ²There walks with you the Spirit Heaven sent you, that you might approach this door some day, and through His aid slip effortlessly past it, to the light. ³Today that day has come. ⁴Today God keeps His ancient promise to His holy Son, as does His Son remember his to Him. ⁵This is a day of gladness, for we come to the appointed time and place where you will find the goal of all your searching here, and all the seeking of the world, which end together as you pass beyond the door.

I cannot fail today. The Holy Spirit that Heaven sent me for the day I reached this door walks with me. Today that day has come. Today God keeps His ancient promise to me and today I remember my promise to Him. I approach this practice with joy and anticipation of success. It is meant to be. The ego is frantically trying to get my attention to discourage me. But I know the ego is just a thought in my mind and has no power over me. I sit in silence while the Holy Spirit clears my mind and peace is restored.

Refrain From Dismal Thoughts

15. Remember often that today should be a time of special gladness, and refrain from dismal thoughts and meaningless laments. ²Salvation’s time has come. ³Today is set by Heaven itself to be a time of grace for you and for the world. ⁴If you forget this happy fact, remind yourself with this:

⁵Today I seek and find all that I want.
⁶My single purpose offers it to me.
⁷No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

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