ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 208, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 208. The peace of God is shining in me now.

The peace of God is shining in me now. ACIM Lesson 208

The peace of God is shining in me now.

ACIM Lesson 208

Lesson 208

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

1. (188) The peace of God is shining in me now.

²I will be still, and let the earth be still along with me. ³And in that stillness we will find the peace of God. ⁴It is within my heart, which witnesses to God Himself.

⁵I am not a body. ⁶I am free.
⁷For I am still as God created me.

As my mind continues to heal, as I forgive and release more and more of the ego beliefs, I experience a stillness that was not my previous experience. Even though there are still ego thoughts that show up, and even though there is still mind chatter, there is an underlying stillness that I associate with peace. This is reflected in the world as I perceive it.

It Comes, and It Goes

I read about something in the news, and for a moment, I feel affected by it, and then the feeling fades away, and peace returns. I have an issue with the car dealership, and judgmental thoughts appear I release them to the Holy Spirit, and my mind is still again. My son and his girlfriend are on vacation, and I have a worry thought about the long drive. But before I can do anything about it, the worry has dissipated, and I am again at peace.

Recently, I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what else needs to be healed in my mind. I told Him I wanted to go as far as possible in this lifetime. I became aware of beliefs that still interest me enough that I had to look at them more closely with the Holy Spirit, and my peace was disturbed for longer periods of time. After a few of these episodes, I asked what this was about and why were these thoughts showing up like this when I thought I was done with them? Then, I remembered that I had asked for this, and I felt gratitude for the opportunity to do more forgiveness work on what was clearly not forgiven.

Climbing the Mountain

This is the work, and it’s not hard, but it can feel hard when I resist. It does require vigilance, and that vigilance is a part of my life now. I think maybe it will always be part of life as long as I am in this experience of separation. I don’t mind. When I first met Regina Dawn Akers many years ago, she described healing the mind as like climbing a mountain.

When you finally released a persistent belief, you would be at the top of the mountain, resting there a while, then back into the valley to see what else was there. After doing this work for a while, the mountains would get smaller and further apart, and the climbs easier. That has always felt like an apt description to me. The landscape is a lot flatter now, and I gladly make the climbs because that is how I reach my one goal, the peace of God.

A Conversation Jesus

This morning reminded me of a past message I received from Jesus that was truly helpful.

For the last few days, I have been allowing some ego thoughts to surface in my awareness so that they can be healed. I went through the anxiety, guilt, and fear that they were causing. I was able at last to laugh, and then this morning, I awoke to peace. Just as the wrong-minded thinking of the ego created disharmony in my mind and my world, peace also creates its own image. This morning, I pray that I may use this tool, this body of Myron, to communicate the peace and love that I feel within my mind. I look forward to each moment of today.

Me: Jesus, would you speak to me about this joy I feel welling up in me?

Go In Peace

Jesus: Precious one, go in peace today. The ego would have you believe you earned it and therefore can lose it if you make a misstep. Peace is not earned, it simply is. It was always within you, but today you have chosen to accept it. The work you did the last few days has opened your mind to what is always there because it is what you are. Peace, love, and joy are all words symbolizing your true nature because they are words that symbolize your Father in Whose image you were created.

Stay Vigilant

Today be vigilant for the ego thoughts that would arise in your holy mind. If you feel yourself slipping into the ego remember that I am only a thought away. Bring your attention back to the Heart of Christ. Even while speaking to others or driving and keeping your attention on the traffic, you can still settle your mind into the Heart and allow your mind to rest in me. Nothing can disturb your perfect peace without your consent.

When you do not notice where your thoughts are going you are giving your consent to the ego to become your teacher. When you do not deny the ego’s thoughts and do not choose the truth, you are giving your consent. Be aware that in so doing, you are also giving your consent to fear, guilt, and anger. You are giving your consent to unhappiness. It is always your choice.

It Only Seems Hard

You have said to me that it sometimes seems so hard to release these ego thoughts; although you recognize that this is what you should do, you say you cannot. What you really mean is that you do not wholly want to give them up, for if you did, you would. It truly is that simple. Remember that when you argue for the ego, you argue for your unhappiness. It is as if you are saying no, insisting that you be allowed to cherish your pain. And you are so allowed, for what you want you may have.

Today if you are tempted to hold tight to an ego thought, notice the temptation to think you cannot let it go, and then gently remind yourself that you no longer want the effects of this thought. Open your mind as a fist unclenching, and watch that thought vanish before your holy Will, for in that moment, you have brought your will into alignment with God’s Will.

Regina’s Tips

When we are not in meditation, we contemplate awareness-life-presence in ourselves, in others, and in nature. We let awareness-life-presence become the focus of our perception. We also live as awareness-life-presence instead of living from attachment to thought. Instead of going to our mind’s thoughts about how to perceive, think, speak and act, we quietly ask spiritual intuition for guidance and joyously follow the guidance we receive.

My Thoughts

I am good at following guidance from Spirit, yet I still become careless. Sometimes I fall into the old habit of listening to the ego mind instead. I have learned to self-correct very quickly, so that’s good. I continue my practice because experience has taught me that it is just this that is required to establish a new way of being. We get lots of help if we ask for it, but that does not mean we have nothing to do. There is no magic wand that saves us from our own choices. Jesus says that we did this, and we must undo it.

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