ACIM Text 15. X. The Time of Rebirth, P 2

X. The Time of Rebirth, P 2

This Holy Instant T-15.X.2

This Holy Instant


2 The holy instant is truly the time of Christ. For in this liberating instant no guilt is laid upon the Son of God, and his unlimited power is thus restored to him. What other gift can you offer me, when only this I choose to offer you? And to see me is to see me in everyone, and offer everyone the gift you offer me. I am as incapable of receiving sacrifice as God is, and every sacrifice you ask of yourself you ask of me. Learn now that sacrifice of any kind is nothing but a limitation imposed on giving. And by this limitation you have limited acceptance of the gift I offer you.

Giving Up Guilt

How do we regain our power as Sons of God? We do this by giving up guilt. We have to give up projecting it onto ourselves and onto others. Considering how destructive guilt is you would think this would be an easy choice. And yet, we cling to guilt as if it is our savior. I can remember being unwilling to give up making someone guilty because I thought I needed to remember not to trust them. This seemed like a way to defend myself from that person.

I also remember thinking that I had actually hurt others and that it wasn’t fair that I should be free of guilt while they remained damaged by my actions or words. It took me 70 years to finally see the insanity in my thinking and finally let go of the belief in guilt. The ego doesn’t give up and it still tries to entice me back to guilt but I am not interested anymore.

The Time of Christ

The moments that are free of guilt are holy instants and are the time of Christ. Jesus sees us free of guilt. That is his gift to us. He knows who we are and he is never confused about that. It is my deepest desire to know this for everyone as thoroughly as does Jesus, to never even for an instant, be distracted by the image they have projected.

We project onto the world our beliefs in the form of images that play out these beliefs. In this way, we can see the effects of those beliefs and make a decision to keep the belief or to release it. Either way is fine, we are never guilty for our choices but we do suffer as a result of keeping the ego beliefs. No worry, though. There is only so much pain we can tolerate and so eventually we will choose again. Why not avoid the pain and do it now?

Never be fooled by what the body’s eyes show you. Ask for Christ’s Vision so you can see that love is the only thing that is actually there. Giving up guilt is not a sacrifice no matter how stridently the ego argues that it is. You are never asked to sacrifice and to believe that guilt is a sacrifice is to limit the acceptance of Christ’s gifts to you.

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