ACIM Workbook Lesson 307, Year 2021

ACIM Lesson 307 Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.

Father, Your Will is mine, and only that. ²There is no other will for me to have.

Conflicting Wishes

Conflicting Wishes

Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.

1. Father, Your Will is mine, and only that. ²There is no other will for me to have. ³Let me not try to make another will, for it is senseless and will cause me pain. ⁴Your Will alone can bring me happiness, and only Yours exists. ⁵If I would have what only You can give, I must accept Your Will for me, and enter into peace where conflict is impossible, Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me.

2. And with this prayer we enter silently into a state where conflict cannot come, because we join our holy will with God’s, in recognition that they are the same.

Can There Be a Separate Will?

This lesson emphasizes the main problem we have. We think we made a will separate from the will we share with God. In addition, we believe this will is valuable and what we want rather than our true will. Let’s look at this separate will we value so highly. What does it gain us? What does it cost us?

The Inevitable Consequences

First, what do we think having a will different from God’s will does for us? What do we think we gain from it? Evidently, we believe that being separate from each other and being special is worth whatever it costs. However, being separate brings some inevitable consequences. For instance, in a world of separation, competition is unavoidable. Consequently, this means someone wins and someone loses.

This automatically puts us at war with each other. We war first in our minds and then possibly with our words and actions. In our relationships when our goal is to triumph, love is left behind. One can’t compete and love at the same time. On the global level, the same effects of competition are catastrophic.

Especially Good/ Especially Bad

We also think that a personal will makes us special. It seems that if we don’t choose to be special in a positive sense, we will settle for being especially bad. One person is more beautiful or more charming. Perhaps one is more successful or more intelligent. Someone else may seem to be vying to win the most pathetic place or maybe the sicker. Others want to be known as the most violated, the most abused, and victimized. It doesn’t seem to matter as long as it makes us special.

The Cost Is High

Now that we have considered some of the ‘advantages’ of being separate from God, let’s look at what it cost us. Being in constant conflict has its effects on our bodies as well as our minds. We suffer sickness and pain. As well, anxiety and depression are commonplace conditions among us. Being in competition leads to greed and more suffering. The greedy suffer from insatiable neediness and the effects of victimizing others in their quest for satisfaction.

An Impossible Desire

The next question is what do we gain if we let go of this foolish desire to do the impossible. It is impossible because the Will of God cannot be overcome. As it happens, we can only dream of being different than we were created. We cannot accomplish this, and thank God for that. As we release the desire for separation, we remember who we are and that is glorious, indeed.

The Only True Choice

There is no more loss or lack, no more fear or guilt. Sickness and death are unknown and unexperienced. All that we know are eternal joy and perfect uninterrupted peace. We will know Love as it exists eternally and universally. This is instead of love as the twisted version separation has made of it. Clearly, forgetting about a personal will, which is impossible anyway, is the better choice.

It is the only choice. Let us set aside our error and allow the Holy Spirit to heal our sick minds. Let us remember our true will, which is the Will of God. How could it be otherwise? We were created as an extension of God. How could we be different? How could we have a will unlike God’s Will? It is time to awaken from the dream that has caused us so much suffering. It is time to accept our reality don’t you think?

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