ACIM Lesson 296

ACIM Lesson 296 The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.

The Holy Spirit Speaks Through Me Today

The Holy Spirit Speaks Through Me Today

The Holy Spirit Speaks Through Me Today

1. The Holy Spirit needs my voice today, that all the world may listen to Your Voice, and hear Your Word through me. ²I am resolved to let You speak through me, for I would use no words but Yours, and have no thoughts which are apart from Yours, for only Yours are true. ³I would be savior to the world I made. ⁴For having damned it I would set it free, that I may find escape, and hear the Word Your holy Voice will speak to me today.

2. We teach today what we would learn, and that alone. ²And so our learning goal becomes an unconflicted one, and possible of easy reach and quick accomplishment. ³How gladly does the Holy Spirit come to rescue us from hell, when we allow His teaching to persuade the world, through us, to seek and find the easy path to God.

He Needs My Voice Today

We are the ones who damned the world so we are the ones who must set it free. This is our mission, our purpose for being here. We do this as we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us to persuade the world to find the easy path to God. I do this every day as I facilitate courses and counsel when asked. But just as importantly, I do this when I speak kindly to someone in pain. I do this when someone attacks and I see past the attack to the fear they are experiencing. Then I can offer solace rather than defense.

Every Day Opportunities

Every day there are opportunities to love my brothers and to remind them in small ways that we are one. This is the Holy Spirit speaking through me. When I notice the garbage man was picking up my trash, I stepped out to thank him. When the clerk at the corner store was rude, I smiled and thanked her. When my daughter said she didn’t know how to go about selling her car, I helped her. When my son was sharp with me, I waited for Spirit to give me words before I responded.

We Learn as We Teach

Our lives can be the way we allow His teachings to persuade the world through us. In fact, it must be. No matter what lovely words we say, if our actions aren’t loving, we will not do what we came to do. I try never to make someone feel guilty or leave someone feeling bereft of love. I am not perfect at this, none of us are, but when I fail in my mission, I simply choose again. This is the way we both teach and learn and it is the way we save the world and find our own escape.

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