ACIM Chapter 7. I. The Last Step, P 1, 2

ACIM Chapter 7. I. The Last Step, P 1, 2. The creative power of God and His creations is limitless, but they are not in reciprocal relationship.

ACIM Chapter 7. I. The Last Step, P 1, 2

ACIM Chapter 7. I. The Last Step, P 1, 2

I. The Last Step

1 The creative power of God and His creations is limitless, but they are not in reciprocal relationship. You communicate fully with God, as He does with you. This is an ongoing process in which you share, and because you share it, you are inspired to create like God. Yet in creation you are not in a reciprocal relation to God, since He created you but you did not create Him. I have already told you that only in this respect your creative power differs from His. Even in this world there is a parallel. Parents give birth to children, but children do not give birth to parents. They do, however, give birth to their children, and thus give birth as their parents do.

Just as is with God, our creative power is without limit. We are not, in time, creating. We are making. Thus, I did not create the world I see, but I did make it, and it is absolutely astounding in depth and detail. This is because the same power we use to create, we also use to make. The Course tells us that outside of time and as our true Self, we are still creating.

Our creations go in only one direction. God created us, and we continue to create. We cannot turn the process around and change ourselves through a different creation, nor can we change God or create Him anew. However, in time, we act as if both are possible, and this belief is the source of all guilt we experience. Because we wanted to change what God created as One, we believe we did and that we are guilty of doing so. This guilt keeps us bound to the world because it makes us afraid of God.

2 I. The Last Step, P 2

2 If you created God and He created you, the Kingdom could not increase through its own creative thought. Creation would therefore be limited, and you would not be co-creators with God. As God’s creative Thought proceeds from Him to you, so must your creative thought proceed from you to your creations. Only in this way can all creative power extend outward. God’s accomplishments are not yours, but yours are like His. He created the Sonship and you increase it. You have the power to add to the Kingdom, though not to add to the Creator of the Kingdom. You claim this power when you become vigilant only for God and His Kingdom. By accepting this power as yours you have learned to remember what you are.

I remember the first time I read something in the Course about my creations.

I was astounded at the thought. I was titillated, curious, and fascinated. I try to imagine what that is. What does it look like, my creations? I cannot even begin to guess, and yet I continue to create, to extend the Kingdom of God, even while I imagine myself in time. The memory of my creations is in my mind alongside the thoughts I think with God.

At this point in my awakening, I think it is helpful for me to remind myself that I am a creator, that I create like God, and that this is ongoing. I remind myself of this because my experience is so different right now and so narrowly focused that I cannot remember any of this. I am ready to claim my power, so I am vigilant for God and His Kingdom. I am not vigilant only for God yet, but I get closer to that every day.

I asked Jesus if there was anything else he wanted me to see concerning this paragraph, and as I sat here, my mind seemed to wander to someone I knew who was sick. I thought about how his actions seemed to have brought on the sickness and that this was a pattern for him; maybe that is his lesson in this lifetime. Maybe he is learning that self-will does not bring him happiness and peace.

Then Jesus gently turned my mind in another direction.

I understood that it is not my job to discern his lessons, nor is it my job to judge him. It is funny, really, because everything I thought about this friend of mine is exactly true of me. I bring on my own sickness through the wrong-minded thoughts in my mind. This is a pattern for me, too, and maybe that is one of my lessons for this lifetime as I accept that self-will and a need to control are not making me happy. They are not bringing me home.

How might I be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom in this case? How do I accept my power and remember what I am? The answer I received is that I am to turn my face from the ego appearance and the ego desire to assign blame. Instead, I am to remember the Will of God. What is God’s Will for His Son? It is not God’s Will that His Son be condemned for his errors, and it is not God’s Will that His Son be punished for them.

It is God’s Will that His Son be only as he was created.

And it is my job to know this is true. It is true for my friend, and it is true for me. My eyes show me the appearance of a sickly body when I look at my friend. But my eyes are blind. They don’t see what is before them. Their only use is to report to me what I want to believe. As I accept only that the truth is true, I am empowered with vision.

As I become vigilant only for God and His Kingdom, my mind becomes singular, as is God’s Mind. This prepares me for God to take the last step. To achieve this, I pay attention to the thoughts in my mind, and when they are not in alignment with God, I ask the Holy Spirit what I should be thinking, and then I wait to discover what that is. Often, it is peace or happiness. This allows me to view my brothers from a place of Grace. The truth of their being becomes more apparent than the shadow figures of our imagination.

Today, I choose to disregard appearances. Appearances are only the shadows of my mistaken beliefs. They are meaningless. Today, I commit to allowing my mind to see what is actually there. I commit to this sacred purpose. “Holy Spirit, I open my mind to You and invite You to correct my thinking. Keep me vigilant only for God and His Kingdom. Thank you.”

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