A Course in Miracles Workbook Daily Lesson 327, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 327 I need but call and You will answer me. 1. I am not asked to take salvation on the basis of an unsupported faith.

A Course in Miracles Workbook Daily Lesson 327 I need but call and You will answer me.

I need but call and You will answer me.

Lesson 327

I need but call and You will answer me.

1. I am not asked to take salvation on the basis of an unsupported faith. ²For God has promised He will hear my call, and answer me Himself. ³Let me but learn from my experience that this is true, and faith in Him must surely come to me. ⁴This is the faith that will endure, and take me farther and still farther on the road that leads to Him. ⁵For thus I will be sure that He has not abandoned me and loves me still, awaiting but my call to give me all the help I need to come to Him.

2. Father, I thank You that Your promises will never fail in my experience, if I but test them out. ²Let me attempt therefore to try them, and to judge them not. ³Your Word is one with You. ⁴You give the means whereby conviction comes, and surety of Your abiding Love is gained at last.

When I first started the Course, I felt like I definitely was not answered. At least, not all the time. Now that I have been doing this for a long time, I see that I was always answered according to what I would allow. I see that I used to ask for peace even as I was going to war. Though I didn’t recognize it as the time, in retrospect, I see that I would ask for love even as I attacked others. I would ask to be saved and then turn away from what would save me.

In order for me to receive salvation, it was necessary that I look with the Holy Spirit at what needed to be undone.

Often, especially at first, I was unwilling to do that. I was too afraid of my own sins to look right at them. I was afraid for God to see them. So, when I would ask to be healed, those ego thoughts would come into my mind, and I would turn from them. Or I would project them onto someone else. Looking at them was the way they would be undone, but I was too afraid to do that.

But even so, I was heard, and the answer came as I was ready for it. It turns out the process was perfect. My Heart called out for salvation even as my confused mind refused the answer, but the answer waited for me. It waited for the mind to catch up with the new agenda. And each time I asked for help, I was instructing the mind that the answer was desired. Salvation does not require time, but I did, and I was given that time. I am so grateful.

Now, when I ask the Holy Spirit what’s next to be undone, I am ready to own the problem.

This is what makes it possible for the Holy Spirit to correct my mind. I look without flinching at all the crazy beliefs in my mind, and I know these ideas don’t make me guilty, just confused. I gladly allow the emotions to rise up and pass through me because that shows me why I want to release the thought. If a thought causes me to lose the peace of God, I am not interested in it. I release it as quickly as I can. The whole thing is so simple, and if it feels hard, I know there is a false belief that has attracted me. I give that belief to the Holy Spirit, as well. There! It’s done.

Here is part of why I used to feel confused and think I wasn’t being answered. After I got the hang of looking with the Holy Spirit at what needed healing in my mind, I gained clarity. And so, I began to want more clarity. I would see that certain beliefs still had a place in my mind. For instance, guilt would come to tempt me from time to time, and I wanted to be free of the belief in guilt in all its forms. So, I told the Holy Spirit I was ready to undo the rest of guilt.

I suppose I thought that the guilt would just disappear; job done.

I don’t know why I thought that since all evidence showed me that I needed to look at the specific thought about guilt. Otherwise, my mind would not understand the healing when it occurred. Thus, I should not have been surprised when guilt thoughts began to show up in my mind. But at first, I was confused and startled to suddenly have so many different guilty thoughts in my mind.

It was a little scary. I had been relatively clear of guilt for a while, and suddenly every time I turned around, I was seeing guilt. Someone else seemed to be guilty, or I seemed to be guilty. One helpful thing that I understood was that no matter how guilt showed up, it was just the belief in guilt. So, I didn’t have many guilt thoughts to be undone, just the belief in guilt itself.

That made it feel less overwhelming and reassured me that I had not lost the healing I experienced before. No reason for panic. I was just receiving the answer to my prayer. I wanted to be free of the belief in guilt, and so I got many varied experiences of guilt to look at with the Holy Spirit. This meant that I had many opportunities to realize I wasn’t interested in guilt anymore, no matter what the specific form it was taking. Instead of fearing or resenting these sometimes very unpleasant experiences, I have learned to be grateful for them because that is how they are undone, and that is how I get Home.

Regina’s Tips

“God’s memory is in our holy minds….” From What Is Creation?

This is a very important clue. Truth is unimaginable, but it is reachable. And we reach it through a journey within our self.

This could be called returning in the way we came. We began at Home, in the First Principle of God as our Self. In this Self, however, there is no sense of self. There is awareness, but not awareness of. There is Truth without a subject to be aware of Truth.

From this state of Truth, “in crept a tiny mad idea.” It could also be called a desire, a desire for something that did not exist. It was the desire to “Know thy Self,” which could be called a desire for a sense of self.

And so, a container that could have an experience of self arose. This container was a subject, something that could feel or know. It was awareness with the additional ability to be aware of. I call it consciousness in order to distinguish it from the awareness that it came from. This is the birth of the Second Principle of God.

Once consciousness arose, which is the ability to be aware of, there needed to be something to be aware of. Consciousness is like a living mirror that wanted something reflected in it, something to watch, know and feel. Of course, consciousness could have simply looked back in the direction it came from, and it would have experienced the reflection of Truth in itself. But consciousness was on an outward-bound journey, so it looked outward in its desire to know something as its self.

Out of this desire, divine law—the creative principle—arose, which is the Third Principle of God.

Through divine law, all of manifestation was born, which is the Fourth Principle of God.

As consciousness watched the images that appeared in its self, consciousness became engrossed with them. It began to identify with the images. Each of us, as consciousness, experiences an aspect of that identification. We feel identified with our thoughts, feelings, life experiences, etcetera because we are the consciousness that has become identified with the images reflected in it.

So now, we begin the journey back in the way we came. It is an undoing. It is the return of a boomerang idea, going back inwardly by reversing the steps we took in the outward-bound direction.

My Thoughts

I have used a lot of simple stories to explain the tiny mad idea and how we arrived at this experience. Those were like children’s stories, and this is more like an adult story. It took me a while to be ready to hear this one and to understand it. I cut it short. Regina goes on to talk about going even further, but I left that part out, and you can read it in her original tips if you like. The reason I didn’t include it here in my journal is that I am not ready yet to look at that part of the journey. I am focused on the part I am to take next. So, I read what she said, but I am not thinking about it much. https://awakening-together.org/tips-regina-lesson-327/


Today’s workbook lesson says, “I am not asked to take salvation on the basis of an unsupported faith. For God has promised He will hear my call, and answer me Himself.”

The God that we call on for guidance is not some distant deity, knowledge, or awareness. We are the one that took the outward journey from truth to our present attachment to manifestation, and every step of that journey is recorded in our divine unconscious. Therefore, the reverse of each step is known in our own divine unconscious. Our own unconscious knows the way! The communication that comes from this unconscious knowing is what I call spiritual intuition.

My Thoughts

It was a really long time before I could accept that I am truly part of God and that this is so in the truest sense. I am not a smaller or lesser part of God because there are no parts to God. I am that which took the journey outward in an effort to sense a self. It seems to have been a journey of curiosity and discovery.

I have become immersed in the stories of self to the point of forgetfulness, but the truth remains in my mind. It is there, all of it, the entire journey like a yellow brick road, and all I have to do is follow it back the way I came. I call on my Self (what the Course calls the Holy Spirit to distinguish it from the ego self we still identify with), and that calling is drawing me back to that memory as the ego would never do, being uninterested in giving up the stories. It is my way of saying that I am done with this experience and am ready to return Home.

One other thought I had is how funny it is that in our frustration and fear, we sometimes curse God for our predicaments. If there is only God, and this is our journey of not God, who are we really cursing? Better to apply that energy to ending the journey rather than cursing it.

Looking at a failed marriage as a healing journey.

I have proved over and over that when I call, I am answered. How could I not be when the Voice for God is in my mind? Each time I look at my choice for ego with a willingness to see differently, I experience the answer I seek, and my faith grows stronger. My motivation also grows stronger because God’s answer leads to joy, while my ego’s answer always leads to chaos.

I was trying to explain to someone who has no background for it the reason I don’t fret so much over my loved ones anymore. We began by talking about how worried a mutual friend is about her son’s failing marriage. I suggested that she is worried, not because the marriage is failing, but because of the meaning, she gave the marriage. I said that longevity of a relationship as a sign of success is only a given meaning and that there are other ways to look at it. We discussed the possibility of other meanings.

What if the purpose of the marriage was to allow both people the opportunity to grow?

In this case, a tumultuous relationship might be the most effective for this couple. The conflict may be helpful so that they can look at it and decide they want something else. They might use the conflict as an opportunity to practice forgiveness.

Even if it looks like no one is growing in the relationship, this is not true. It may not be apparent growth, but simply looking at conflict and chaos is helpful because it encourages us to want something else. Sometimes we have to look many times before we finally reach the point where we are willing to admit it doesn’t work and accept another solution. Each time we look, we are moving forward.

In a situation like this, when the relationship ends, it would only mean they had learned all they could learn at that time, and it was time to move on to a different relationship that would offer other opportunities for growth or perhaps the same opportunities presented once again will offer the chance to see that all conflict is the same. In this case, ending is a sign of success because it means both parties had done all they could do and so were through with it. When we fret over the outcome of any situation, it may be time for us to consider not another solution but the meaning we gave it.

I don’t think she was open to this way of looking at things.

Or perhaps I did not explain it well, but I was left wondering why we often choose to believe those things that cause us pain when we could easily choose to believe that which brings peace. I might argue that the alternative does not feel plausible to me, but why not try it? The results will teach me which is the better choice.

Holy Spirit, I call on You to look with me on the people and situations that are part of my day. I think I know what it all means, but I am willing to be wrong. I am willing to see it differently, even if I can’t imagine what that might look like. And I am willing to surrender my own decisions and my own meaning and allow You to correct my mind.

Here is something I wrote about in 2015.

This story represents another important understanding of how to look with the Holy Spirit. It also taught me not to be afraid of His gentle healing.

Yesterday was such a lovely day. I acted as if I was already awake, and I was so happy and so peaceful all day long. Then as the day was ending, I needed to iron my clothes for work. When I do this chore that I don’t particularly enjoy, I watch Netflix. I have a few shows that are a nice distraction from this job.

What I noticed after a while is that the joy was fading. I noticed that I was getting tense at the more dramatic scenes and sad at the sad scenes. So, the joy and peace that had been such a miracle and such a blessing all day long were lost to me as I became engrossed in the ego stories playing out on TV. No, they were not true stories, but then neither are the ones that play out in Myron’s life. For just a few minutes, I was right there with my favorite characters, feeling what they were designed to make me feel.

So, it seemed to me I should stop watching TV if it is going to cost me my happiness, and I realized that I felt resistance to that idea. It felt like a sacrifice, and I argued in my mind for watching. I could watch the shows with the Holy Spirit and ask that He teach me through them. I have done this before, and it was very helpful. But maybe I am just justifying my desire for more illusions as if my life and the world we made are not enough illusions.

Here is something I have learned through experience.

When I think that I should stop doing something but am conflicted about it, I don’t use the force of (my ego) will to stop. That is not the Course way, and the reason is that it doesn’t really work. I might stop the behavior, but the desire remains, so there is no real healing. It just shows up somewhere else in another form, perhaps, and I have to go through it again.

Instead, I ask the Holy Spirit to remove from my mind desires that are contrary to my happiness. It is a lovely, gentle solution. It leaves open possibilities I have not considered. If it is time to end a behavior, it is not a sudden, jarring thing leaving me feeling loss. If I stop doing something, it is because I no longer want to do it. And if I have no desire for something, it is not a loss to not have it.

This is what I have done in the case of the shows I like to watch. I still feel the desire to continue watching them, but I also feel a loosening of that desire. It doesn’t feel like I am holding on for dear life, nor does it feel like I am bowing down to a will not my own in the sacrifice of what I really want. I just notice that I still look forward to the next episode of NCIS. But I also notice that if I can’t watch them for some reason, that feels ok, too, so I see the desire is loosening.

Will I stop watching TV altogether, or just change the kind of shows I watch?

Will I start watching with Holy Spirit and let Him teach me as I watch? I don’t know. That part is not my business. My desire, my truest desire, is to be awake, to be joyful and peaceful all the time, regardless of the story playing out on the screen or in my life.

What is the best way, the fastest way to achieve that? The ego mind doesn’t know, but the Holy Spirit knows what it is that I need to do next. I am learning to trust that enough to ask that my mind be healed of all that is not peace and joy. He has taught me to trust Him, and so this is what I do. I let go of what I think I know and wait to see what happens.

PS: What has happened is that I have naturally reduced the time I spend watching TV. And the shows I prefer to watch have changed and continue to change. I like to laugh, and I enjoy what makes me curious and shows that lead me to a discovery. I am not so interested in drama anymore, and I don’t enjoy my emotions being evoked. As it turned out, I have not given up anything I loved; I just stopped loving some of them. So, there was no sense of loss, and there is no conflict in my mind about it.

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2 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles Workbook Daily Lesson 327, Year 2022

  1. I so enjoyed your message today; very “timely”! Especially helpful was your insight on Netflix! As we say “you’re preachingto the choir” , lol! My wife and I for years have been avid, devoted (!) followers of British Crime series…Morse, Lewis, Endeavour, Vera, Shetland etc…we love the characters and photography etc…but!…some are just sooo dark, gruesome, graphic and I absolutely got to the point where I’d tell Ann that I just couldn’t take it; the feeling of losing my peace was just visceral. But!…I def didn’t really want to stop! What a concept: watch it w HS, ask HS to judge for me and, if helpful take away my desire for escapist, time wasting drama. Part of the issue for me is, though I’ve been a Course student for years, she has zero interest in any of it’s major concepts and content. She believes in God as love, but very dualistic…I don’t judge bc that’s where I was for years. I am sure that our relationship is for our mutual benefit and I’m delighted to have her in my life. It just feels weird to tell her that the film scared me too much or that I’ve lost God’s peace…fortunately, though she doesn’t articulate it that way, she also gets the darkness is sometimes just too intense. Anyway, just saying thank you for your insight; so grateful to have found your site! I read them every day! Jay

    1. Well, you guys and I have the same taste. I watch British TV for the most part because though the topic might be dark, it doesn’t have the same level of casual violence I find in most American TV. I don’t know if it is the result of a lot of mind healing or of asking Jesus to watch with me, but I was just thinking about the last episode of Vera I watched. It should have been very sad but I didn’t feel sad. this makes it possible for me to watch it for the characters, watching them change and grow and I find that interesting. On the other hand, I like the Chicago shows, Chicago Fire and PD and Med. The violence is there but not too bad. But I can feel my emotions following the emotions of the characters in the show. Also, Chicago Med is so melodramatic that I am losing interest in it. It is just interesting how my taste for TV has lessened and changed and without me doing anything about it other than continuing to heal my mind. BTW, it’s nice to know that you are sharing these lessons with me. I think it helps us a great deal when this happens. I love that on any given day, thousands and thousands of people are studying and practicing the same lesson. The mind must light up like the 4th of July as this happens. 🙂

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